Alex Koester/New York Times

Craig is back in Los Angeles tonight with an all new episode of the Late Late Show. Will the recently well-traveled host have some comments about his trip? Let’s hope so.

Craig’s able assistant Rebecca Tucker’s car had problems on Friday: A bad day for my Mini. Dead in Beverly Hills. But she liked her rented ride: Getting this rental makes me feel slightly better about dead Mini. I’m way too uncool to be driving this awesome b It’s you, Rebecca. Go for it.

Today both Rebecca and assistant producer Andrea Wayland were tweeting about the free Chik-Fil-A being delivered to the studio. Andrea is also the one who reminds us each day to tweet questions to Craig for possible inclusion on the show. She usually asks around 3pm ET/12pm PT (a few hours before taping begins), so that’s a great time to send your tweet to get it noticed. She advises to simply ask Craig questions and he’ll be funny… there’s no need to build in your own joke. And tweeting really does work; several RSA members have had their questions read during the show since Craig started on Twitter back in February.

Feeling crafty today? Christopher Beaumont of the website, as seen on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, has come up with a new creation. The entire website is filled with characters you can cut and fold into three-dimensional sculptures and one of the newest is robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Petersen! Just download, print, cut and fold… and you’ll have your own robot skeleton sidekick (voice not included… “Oh my!”).

All new episodes this week on the Late Late Show kick off tonight with actor Morgan Freeman and actress Kate Mara.

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