As promised in an earlier episode, Craig watched Dr. Who last night and tweeted about it: Just watched my 1st episode of Dr Who in about 35 years. Hasn’t changed much. Still awesome. And even better, his tweet made Twitter’s home page for a time last night! RSA member Banana_Happy was kind enough to capture it and share it with us.

While promoting his book last fall, Craig appeared on ABC’s The View. As always, he made the ladies laugh. Enjoy.

Video courtesy: Malinky2Stoatir

Don’t forget, Monday is Craig’s birthday. Rather than gifts, why not make a donation to an organization Craig supports, such as the USO or the Lollipop Theater Network. You’ll be glad you did. And on Monday, a group of RSA members are trying to get #happybirthdaycraigy to trend on Twitter, so hashtag those tweets!

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