Before heading out for the weekend, Craig tweeted a little “everybody in Hollywood likes each other” message: Good Luck to Kick Arse( as Mathew Vaughn insists on calling it) this weekend. I hope the Dragons also kick arse. It’s been all quiet from Señor Craig since then.  As it happens, How To Train Your Dragon appears to have edged out Kick Ass at the box office this weekend, according to The U.S. Daily.

Why did Craig go out of his way to wish success to Kick Ass?  It turns out that Craig is in the movie, too!  RSA members quoguegrl and Pantherlilykat tell us that Craig appears as himself on the Late Late Show doing a monologue about the movie’s hero.  Craig is in the top two movies in theaters?  It’s a great day for America, everybody.

Smilin’ Stan Lee has also softened his recent tweets. Since Craig asked roboskellies to follow Stan, the Generalissimo of the POW! Brigade graciously responded in kind: And congratulations to the gallant CraigyFerg militia who chose the path to peace rather than plunder. We Brigadiers salute thee! But most of all, congratulations to thy lustrous leader, the charismatic CraigyFerg,whose wisdom and wit are an inspiration to us all. The first order of the day, my brave Brigadiers, is: Follow CraigyFerg! He and his bony battalions have proved worthy of our largess! And a special battlefield commendation to thee, my brave Brigadiers. Though facing overwhelming odds, not a single one hath faltered! Now, as thou sleepeth the sleep of the brave and the just, know that thou hath gladdened the heart of thy beloved Generalissimo! Excelsior! Both men saw their twitter followings grow by several thousand over the past few days.

Craig’s hard-working, behind-the-scenes dynamic duo of Andrea Wayland and Rebecca Tucker are enjoying themselves at California’s Coahchella Music Festival this weekend.  They tweeted a picture as they headed out:  Work week done, off to Coachella! Rebtuck and @andreawayland just hope nobody mocks their mad dance skills.

RSA member DJPheonyx has added a link to the Real World Hero website (a site set up by City of Heroes players to build support their favorite charities), which directs people to the Lollipop Theater Network.

On Monday’s Late Late Show, Craig welcomes Canadian-American actor Brendan Fraser and from The Mentalist, actress Amanda Righetti.

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