Betty White drew Saturday Night Live‘s largest audience since November of 2008, as she hosted the program and performed in skits. RSA member ArtemusRex tells us that as she appeared on the show, “Betty White” was trending number one on Twitter worldwide. Go Betty and your dusty muffin!

Craig’s books continue to sell well as his fan base grows. His debut novel, Between the Bridge and the River, is still in the top 50 of Amazon sales in the self-help subcategory of humor books. And his autobiography, American on Purpose, remains in the top 10 of biographies of television personalities.

As Craig launched his stand up special last fall, he visited Regis and Kelly in New York. If you haven’t heard Regis’ pronunciation of Craig’s name, you’ll get a kick out of this:

Video courtesy: Malinky2Stoatir

This week’s guests on the Late Late Show include actor Russell Crowe and music by Wilco on Monday night. On Tuesday, you’ll see CSI:NY actress Melina Kanakaredes, actor Tom Lennon and music by Jónsi. On Wednesday, Craig welcomes actor Bryan Cranston and actress Angela Kinsey. On Thursday, actor Robert Downey Jr. and columnist Dave Barry will be on the show and on Friday, watch for actress Amanda Seyfried and author Isabel Allende.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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    Thanks for posting the Regis video! Really enjoyed it!