Big news! You can see Craig interviewed live online this weekend, on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show! For more than a year, Kevin has hosted an informal online talk show where he chats with celebrity guests for an hour or two or even more. If you’ve never seen the “Webby” Award-winning show, take a quick look at Kevin’s website. You can submit questions ahead of time on Twitter, watch the interview live on Sunday or see it in the archives a short time later. Kevin and his guests are relaxed, the conversations are in-depth and revealing and the shows are always entertaining. We’ll have more details about the show in the next couple of days. This can be a great RSA event because we can all watch online together! Spread the word!

Craig retweeted a picture from Nerdist host Chris Hardwick from last week’s taping of the Nerdist podcast. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a great show with plenty of Craig and a surprise appearance by Adam Savage from the Mythbusters. Craig is introduced at about 27 minutes into the two-hour program.

The Late Late Show is looking for great tweets. Help keep the tweets and emails segment of the show by sending your questions (with name and city) to @CraigyFerg. Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker made the appeal on Twitter earlier today: Come on people, we need some fresh new tweets for Craig to read tonight! Dig deep and give us your best! While responding to a question about abbreviations, assistant producer Andrea Wayland said this: It’s best to spell them out but if you need to abbreviations are ok. It’s easier to read the whole word, obviously. She also responded to a question about why some questions aren’t read or are edited: sometimes it’s for time reasons but the originality/appropriateness of the tweet is detrimental to them being read. So be original, be appropriate and don’t try too hard to be funny. Maybe your question will be read on the air like RSA member K7MalFanRSA’s was last night… or should we call her “Hootie”? *wink*

On tonight’s Late Late Show, actor Tim Allen and actress Saffron Burrows are Craig’s guests.

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  • Kay

    I am still all Twitterpated from last nights Tweets! 😉