Cliff Lipson/CBS

Craig is laughing about Geoff Petersen getting to take a road trip to ComicCon: My robot skeleton goes to comicon but I have to work. I’m nerd Cinderella. #doyourownballjoke Looks like a new hashtag! And voice actor Josh Robert Thompson will be there as well: Heading to San Diego with a certain robot skeleton sidekick… #RSA #CraigFerguson #SDCC

Yesterday’s effort to trend the hashtag #betterthanbeingmelgibson didn’t make the top ten, but Craig himself added a second tweet yesterday to help propel it up the list: Last night Dan Riskin talked about a guy who found a huge anal parasite in his bahookie. But that is… #betterthanbeingmelgibson Maybe just trending the word “bahookie” might work.

Although the Robot Skeleton Army has had its gear for some time now, CBS has seen the light and is offering Late Late Show items as well, as Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker tweeted: Get your own Late Late Show merchandise! Also, a little bird told us that loyal robot skeletons can get a 10% discount on LLS gear by typing in the promotional code: AFFDA Not a bad deal. (Shh!)

Craig will be hosting an awards ceremony for the Direct Marketing Association on October 12th in San Francisco. The DMA is a professional association for companies that sell products or services using telephone sales, emails, catalogs and other mailings. The event is not open to the public.

Tonight, Craig talks with actor Michael Clarke Duncan and NCIS: LA actress Daniela Ruah.

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