So much going on tonight we needed an update: Watch the Late Late Show tonight for a video update on Geoff Petersen. Mythbusters tweeted the news, which was re-tweeted by Grant Imahara: Stay up for LLS/@craigyferg tonight to get a vid update from @grantimahara on Geoff Peterson (aka robot sidekick)!

Grant added this: Wiring up the control box now to give @CraigyFerg the ability to activate robot skeleton Geoff from his desktop.

Grant also said that Discovery Channel has ordered some Robot Skeleton Army shirts from RSA member Colleen_Byrne: @colleen_byrne Hey Colleen, Discovery has ordered some shirts… If I don’t wear one on the show, I will at least Twitpic it backstage!! That’s just plain awesome.

Meanwhile, Craig has responded to Stan Lee (see story below) by putting the ball back in Stan’s court. Could a war between the POW Brigade and the Robot Skeleton Army be close at hand? Here’s what Craig said: Great Stan. Yield I beseech thee or hear the dreaded plinky ribcage xylophone calling roboskeletons to war.

Grant continued the discussion: @CraigyFerg I think we should cut a deal with @SmilinStanLee. If he supplies the Vibranium, well… let’s just say it could get interestng. @CraigyFerg Besides, we can all gang up on @JoelMcHale and his Boob-Bot 4000.

This could get very interesting. For the background on the Stan Lee/POW! Brigade story, read on:

Comic book legend Stan Lee was tweeting about Craig and the Robot Skeleton Army last night. Stan calls his 54,000 Twitter followers as the “POW! Brigade” and himself the “Generalissimo”. Apparently he has become concerned that Craig has a rival army of followers: But there is another matter that soon may call for action! I have learned that another titan of tweets dares to form his own militia! While we’ve created a POW! Brigade to serve and save mankind, another is recklessly forming a robot skeleton army! O, the senses reel! Most ironic of all, thine own beloved Generalissimo hath been a guest on one of that CraigyFerg’s earliest TV shows! Did Craigy, through some sinister sorcery known only to himself. pluck my Nation-Building agenda from my brilliant but unsuspecting mind? I shall now attend a strategy meeting with my Chiefs of Staff. The moment we have trained for all these months may be at hand. Excelsior!

Reading this, Craig responded: Oh Great Stan. You have my love & respect but do not cross the Robot Skeleton Army or we will destroy you and TP your house

Grant Imahara chimed in: I think @smilinstanlee is onto our master plan!

And Craig tweeted back: Lee is cunning but he has become complacent . He lives in a priviledged world of comfort & free wi-fi. I do not fear him.

One RSA member @NakitaOakley sent this: @CraigyFerg @grantimahara don’t b so sure of urselves.Many of ur robot skeleton army r Brigadiers. B careful what u say about @smilinstanlee

To which Craig responded (with tongue in cheek): Leave the volcano. You are no longer one of us. Also leave your ID and lunch vouchers.

After some careful thought, Craig’s last tweet of the night sounded a note of reconciliation:
I will engage @smilinstanlee in double plus secret peace talks tomorrow. Perhaps an alliance can be forged. Gnite Skell – u – trons.

Tonight, Stan indicated he is in favor of peace but called on those who follow both groups to declare their loyalty and implored Craig to disarm the RSA: Though the threat level is orange, my Brigadiers, I shall do all in my power to avert armed conflict with the Robot Skeleton army! Alas, I am impaled on the horns of a dilemma! Imagine my shock upon learning that many of you are minions of the Robot Skeletons! One after another has claimed fidelity to the Robot Skeletons! What evil influence does this CraigyFerg hold over my once-loyal Brigadiers? Tis no time for panic. Cold reason must ever triumph over acts of desperation. I shall not yet unleash the horrendous hounds of war! This is a time to stand up and be counted. Yea, this is the moment to prove thy fidelity to thy Generalissimo and thy comrades in arms! I can say no more. Those of divided loyalty must make their choice. Be they Robot Skeletons or Brave Brigadiers? Our cause is just, our troops at the ready. So stand you down, CraigyFerg! Disarm your Skeletons! Let peace prevail! Excelsior!

Update (as noted above): Craig responded on Tuesday night with an equally intimidating demand:
Great Stan. Yield I beseech thee or hear the dreaded plinky ribcage xylophone calling roboskeletons to war.

So… will it be war between the POW! Brigade and the Robot Skeleton Army? Be ready, skeletons.

Washington DC area-based comedians/musicians/podcasters/Mythbusters fans Paul and Storm have offered to write a theme song for Craig’s robot skeleton sidekick if their Twitter following grows: [P to S] If we hit 20k followers by Fri., we’ll write the official theme song for @CraigyFerg‘s skeleton robot sidekick, Geoff Petersen. They seem like just the guys to do it. For more on them, check out their website.

But Craig declined the offer this afternoon: @paulandstorm Robot Skeleton already has a song. It will debut the same night. Apr 5. However I admire your Machiavellian pluck

Let’s hope it’s not “library music”.

Tonight, Craig’s guests on the Late Late Show are actor Greg Kinnear, actress Amanda Righetti, and musical guest VV Brown.

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