ComicCon is underway in San Diego and Geoff Petersen will be there, along with voice actor Josh Robert Thompson at the CBS booth on Sunday, July 25th from 2-5pm. If any RSA folks are there, don’t forget to send us your stories and pictures. We’re happy to share them with the RSA!

Jimmy Fallon may be a bit behind, but he does have a Twitter song. Note that Linda Holmes at NPR likes the 12:30am talk shows better than the 11:30pm competition. You’re not alone, Linda.

The Huffington Post has an interview with Scottish singer Justin Currie, who appeared recently on the LLS and admires fellow Scot Craig Ferguson’s success in America.

It’s Friday and when tweet and email time comes on tonight’s Late Late Show, actress Mindy Kaling will lend Craig a hand. Then Craig interviews Paulina Porizkova and hears the music of MGMT.

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