Craig and company are back in Los Angeles after their tour of the Southeast over the past week. Randy Kagan tweeted a picture of Craig getting on the plane: My buddy CF getting on the silver bullet. We are back from a week on the road. It was rifftastic! Now i can veg.

Randy had also promised some backstage pictures of Craig and he delivered last night: Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Craig: (showing us his family crest tattoo) Backstage pics. Plus one more from the green room: Yes Craig has rubbed off on me. But it’s consensual. And even a bonus look at a photo of the late George Carlin.

Earlier today, he added this picture: Stop over in Shreveport. Thanks to Randy for sending us such great pictures!

The Southeastern US tour is in the books. Craig’s next live events will be further north, with standup performances in:

Apr 23 Toronto
Apr 24 Greensburg, PA
Apr 25 Cleveland
Apr 26 Royal Oak, MI
Apr 27 Cincinnati
Apr 28 Fort Wayne, IN
Apr 29 Milwaukee
Apr 30 Minneapolis
May 1 Chicago

Meanwhile, Grant Imahara has been hard at work in the Mythbuster’s lab, creating the robot skeleton sidekick known as Geoff Petersen. Last night, he tweeted: @CraigyFerg Staying late at the shop tonight to work on the robot skeleton’s eyes. April 5th seems to be sprialling ever closer!

On the Late Late Show, Thursday’s “encore presentation” is from January 26th of this year, featuring guests 50 Cent and Adrianne Palicki.

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