Craig appeared before an enthusiastic audience Tuesday night in Cincinnati and afterward, he commented on being a little freaked out by the theater backstage: I’ve never seen a Saw movie but I imagine them to be a bit like the backstage area of the Taft theater in Cincinnati. But he enjoyed the show: What a splendid audience in the Taft theater. Enthusiastic and dirty. Just how I like em. Thanks Cincinnstanis!

This morning, Craig tweeted about the journey: Rollin out of Cincinnati headed for Ft Wayne Indiana. Looking for a Cracker Barrel to have breakfast. We are like pioneers of the old west. Followed by: Found a Cracker Barrel in Middletown. Back on the road full of biscuits and regret.

But Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker gets the “tweet of the day” award: the woman working at this photo shop thinks i’m a scary nutjob stalker fan because i’m having 300 pics of Craig printed. We understand, Rebecca. Really we do.

The irrepressible Betty White, who at age 88 will be hosting Saturday Night Live on May the 8th, had nice things to say about Craig in today’s Orlando Sentinel.

A few days late, the Cleveland Plain Dealer had a quick note about Craig today:

Craig’s cameo: Class act Craig Ferguson, who is even better on stage than he is on TV, popped in to see the end of Jon Lovitz’s set Sunday at Hilarities after Ferguson entertained the crowd at the Ohio Theatre. Ferguson, who has performed at Hilarities, stayed for drinks and some nosh with Lovitz and club owner Nick Kostis.

Next up on the tour after tonight’s Fort Wayne engagement is the appropriately named Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – sometimes know as “Beer Town USA”.

On tonight’s Late Late Show, we’ll see the week’s final “classic” episode, dating all the way back to March 9th. Craig welcomes actress/producer Lisa Kudrow and Rules of Engagement actor Adhir Kalyan. Fresh, new, live (shh!) episodes return tomorrow, including a magic trick!

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