Craig appears tonight at the Count Basie Theatre in Redbank, NJ. He’ll be in Atlantic City tomorrow and near Philadelphia on Friday to wrap up his current stand up comedy tour. Thanks to the RSA’s Banana_Happy for the nice poster today.

The Primetime Emmy Awards were announced this morning, and the Late Late Show was not among the nominees. However, fellow Worldwide Pants production, The Late Show with David Letterman, got two nods, for outstanding direction and outstanding technical direction. David Letterman was also nominated as an executive producer for a PBS special called “When Families Grieve”. Another interesting note: The now-canceled Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien received four nominations, including outstanding variety, music or comedy series, outstanding writing, outstanding directing and outstanding art direction. Craig was nominated in 2006 for outstanding individual performance in a variety or music program (a category that is no longer awarded). Barry Manilow won the award that night, and Craig has joked about it ever since.

The New York Times notes in its ArtsBeat blog that they thought the Late Late Show deserved a nod.

Craig tweeted just before his performance in Connecticut last night: Getting ready to go onstage in Stamford CT. Still messed up from alpine slide incident. Foot hurting but the shoe must go on. #sorryforpun. And then after the show: Thanks Stamford. You took away the pain. You too advil. Get well, soon Craig.

Note: For those who are requesting beloved RSA General Malinky2Stoatir to re-post various episodes of past Late Late Shows on the Googly-web Facetube thingy, she asks: If you want your req taken seriously, you need to provide a date, not just a name. #RSArmy Remember it takes time and effort for her to find old episodes and upload them, so please be patient.

The re-run fairy brings us the June 3rd, 2010 Late Late Show tonight, with Adam Goldberg and magician Jamy Ian Swiss.

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