Craig appears tonight at the Tropicana Showroom in Atlantic City. Last night, @girltrueheart snapped a picture of Craig wearing a bandage which covers the scrapes he suffered falling from an amusement park slide in Vermont earlier this week.
@takemeback captured a picture from another angle. Get well soon, Craig!

To preview his visit to the Boardwalk, the Atlantic City Weekly newspaper did an interview with our fearless leader. He’ll wrap up his east coast trip near Philadelphia tomorrow.

Before last night’s stand up show in Redbank, NJ, Craig talked about warm up man Randy Kagan in a tweet: Backstage in NJ listening to @randykagan rockin the house. He’s the comedy BonJovi. He then re-tweeted a clever response from @EmmaFan27: Somewhat like you’re the Comedy Lady Gaga?

As our regular readers know, we sometimes look back in the video archives to bring you interesting moments with Craig, including television/radio interviews and personal appearances. We usually have a clip or two to show on the weekends or on “slow news days”. But we’re rapidly running low on original clips. If you have a favorite video clip of Craig (other than on the LLS itself) please send us a link on Twitter @RSA_News <-- Note the little “underscore” thingy between the words. Links to news articles are also always welcome. We thank our contributors for their help!

Tonight’s Late Late Show is an encore presentation of the June 9th, 2010 program, with Kyra Sedgwick and Tom Felton. Fresh, new, live (shh!) episodes of the Late Late Show return next week!

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