Tickets for Craig Ferguson’s Carnegie Hall event in October are selling like hotcakes (or possibly pancakes at I-HOP?). On the tweety this morning, His Chattiness expressed his thanks: My Carnegie Hall show sold 1200 tix the 1st hr on sale. Woo hoo. Go Skelborgoreous army

As a wise man once said, “Book early to avoid disappointment!”

A check of the Late Late Show’s guests and ticketing schedule shows no shows being recorded during the week of March 15th. Fans will want to enjoy this week’s fresh new shows before a week of “Best of”/”Encore”/”Classic” (oh, all right “Old”) episodes until March 22nd.


What about Craig as a blonde? Ever since he mentioned back on March 1st, Perhaps, if enough people went on Twitter and said “Craig, we want your hair to be blonde, for a little while, just for a little while“, the RSA has been buzzing about what the Scotsman might look like. Now, a crafty fellow called @kidfromkansas has come up with some possible answers on his blog. Bonus: There’s also a computer-enhanced photo of Craig with a mustache (oh, the horror!). It’s worth a look!

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