Craig & Co. are back in Los Angeles after a whirlwind tour of the northeast US, where they will return in October. Rebecca Tucker tweeted last night: thanks for the chocolate, Glenside PA. and now…homeward bound!

In an interview with MediaWeek, Betty White talks about her current run of popularity, mentions Craig and says she just did a pilot for a new version of the $100,000 Pyramid. Go Betty!

In a review of a new YouTube feature (currently in beta) called “leanback”, the writer mentions the Late Late Show as one way to test it out.

On Saturday, we attempted a Late Late Show-themed “Clarihew” poem in honor of Clarihew Day (see yesterday’s post for details). And on our invitation, RSA member LateLateLass came up with a pair of gems to share with us:

Sid the bunny
is terribly funny;

He curses and swears,
Unlike most other hares.

Great Danish thinker Kierkegaard,
Expounded on subjects that were dreadfully hard.
He loved to set forth the pathos of paradox;
I bet he’d have been happier studying hollyhocks!

Well done, LateLateLass!

New episodes of the Late Late Show return this week, starting Monday when Craig welcomes Big Brother host Julie Chen, actor/comedian Michael Ian Black and the music of Dierks Bentley. On Tuesday, actress Marion Cotillard returns to the show, along with comedian Louie Anderson. Actor Alfred Molina and comedian Cathy Ladman visit on Wednesday and on Thursday, Craig chats with actor Nicolas Cage and we’ll hear music by Marina & The Diamonds. The week wraps up on Friday with actress Ellen Page and music by Julie Gribble.

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  • One Lusty Sagittarian

    Nic Cage and him….that should be something…