Toy Story 3 won the Golden Globe Award for best animated film at  Sunday evening’s ceremony in Los Angeles.  How To Train Your Dragon had been nominated in that category.

Back in 2006, shortly after taking the reins at the Late Late Show, Craig answered 20 Questions for Playboy magazine.  Thanks to the RSA’s @Diane4Mail for reminding us about this great interview.

Back in 2008, Craig made a special trip to visit the morning news show on the local CBS station in Pittsburgh.

Video courtesy: HeidiDeidiDei

He also talked with the local CBS station in Baltimore.

Video courtesy: HeidiDeidiDei

And another in Chicago.

Video courtesy: HeidiDeidiDei

Tony Goldwyn

It’s another week of all-new episodes of the Late Late Show.  First on Monday, it’s actress Rashida Jones and actor Tony Goldwyn. On Tuesday, retired TV host Larry King joins Craig, along with actress Shannon Woodward.  Wednesday’s guests are actress Emily Deschanel and comedian Rich FulcherActress Maria Bello biologist Dan Riskin will be on the show Thursday.  And on Friday, Craig chats with actor Jeff Bridges.

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  • Cozyhobo thanks The RSA News and Diane for the great Playboy article. I’d tried to find it before but couldn’t. Awesome Craigyness.

  • I have a feeling that Shannon Woodward is going to get bumped and Larry is going to be the only guest Wednesday evening, and quite right too 🙂