Thank you to all of our contributors for making this week a great one at RSA News.  When Craig is on a roll, his fans are excited and energized, which makes everything more fun.

The RSA’s @WeezieWeaver noticed that someone over at posted a graphic that resembles the TeamCoco poster, but features Craig.  We’re not sure the nickname will stick since Tom Hanks didn’t come up with it.

The RSA’s @AnnieSunshine84 spotted an interview of Craig by Access Hollywood:

Video courtesy: Access Hollywood

The RSA’s @Colleen_Byrne sent us a note about December’s charity for the RSA Store:

I usually choose charities that are endorsed by Craig since he’s the whole reason that the Robot Skeleton Army and this shop exists. But for the month of December, I’d like us to contribute to a charity that I know is important to me and several others in our diverse group.

December’s charity is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Several RSA members, myself included, are affected by this disease, which attacks the brain and central nervous system. Those of you who have met me have seen how it affects me physically but it affects everyone differently. The one common thread is that it slowly takes away abilities, either physical or mental.

The Society helps people affected by MS by funding research and providing programs and services that help people with MS and their families move their lives forward. Your purchase from the RSA shop in the month of December will help to make these things happen and earn my heartfelt gratitude.

Thanks and happy holidays, everyone!

It sounds like plenty of Craig Ferguson, Late Late Show and Robot Skeleton Army for everyone for the holidays!

Josh Robert Thompson, the voice of Geoff Petersen, has been working on a project in London.  Today he sent a picture:  Recording at Grand Central Sound Studios in London.

Geoff is wondering about Kristen BellJust wondering. Does Kristen Bell hate me-hate me or is this 1 of those Sam & Diane are you as turned on as I am things? Only Sam had skin. He then thought:  I pretty much see @IMKristenBell as brainy, fetchingly alluring, Diane Chambers to my dashing, n’er do well Sam Malone. CBS, I got a sitcom! He added:  Perhaps if I squeezed @IMKristenBell with my bedroom blue eyes. Or let her ride the horsie. And by “ride the horsie” I mean… just that. Good luck, Geoff.

On Friday’s Late Late Show, Craig welcomes one of his favorite guests, the funny and charming Kristen Bell, along with musician Michael Franti, held over from Monday.  The previously scheduled actor Ewan McGregor and actress Shannon Woodward will be moved ahead to another date.

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