It’s been cool and fall-like in many parts of the country but on the west coast, it has been cooking.  Hot weather is making plenty of folks feel uncomfortable including Craig, who tweeted today:   Jeez. It’s so hot in LA when one has a trouser-cough it feels like a cool breeze. Should we expect a few “It’s so hot…” jokes on the show tonight?  Should be a pretty safe bet.  Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker is on the same wavelength:  it is impossible to wake up in a good mood when it is 200 degrees in my house. i apologize in advance for my bad attitude today. We understand.

The voice of Geoff Petersen, Josh Robert Thompson, has a YouTube channel with lots of interesting video.  He tweeted about it earlier today:  SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel for behind-the-scenes videos, LLS sketches and more! #RSA

Did you hear Jon Hamm talking to Craig last week about a smartphone video game called “Angry Birds”?  The Christian Science Monitor has more about it.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, it’s producer/director  Guillermo Del Toro and actress Sela Ward in the guest chair and on Tuesday, Bones star David Boreanaz and actress Melissa McCarthy join Craig.

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