The RSA was buzzing last night as we watched Craig‘s big Shark Week special on the Discovery Channel.  What a fun adventure!  Craig’s assistant, Rebecca Tucker, was along on the trip when the special was filmed last month.  Today, she tweeted: Have a Best Bites hangover today. Bummed that all the sharkiness is over (for now!) For our Canadian readers, Discovery Canada reminded us:  Shark Bites, @CraigyFerg‘s #SharkWeek special, airs in Canada Friday. #RSA #craigferguson

Entertainment Weekly has a nice summary of last night’s Shark Week special.

RSA member @isntmynamecool (and yes, yes it is) found this video clip and tweeted about it.  We took a look and laughed.  It’s an animated shark, hosting “Craig Ferguson Week”.  Who knew?

Video courtesy: sharkytrue

If you check out sharkytrue‘s, YouTube channel, you’ll see there is also a short preview for Craig Ferguson Week and then a number of videos on other subjects.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes the curiosity that is Paris Hilton, along with author Alex Dryden.

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