Touché!  Craig has called out French television host Arthur for blatantly copying the opening theme video, puppets and musical numbers we’ve enjoyed on the Late Late Show for so long.  Arthur’s show, Ce Soir Avec Arthur, which debuted on France’s version of the comedy channel on November 8th, looks remarkably similar to the LLS.  Craig compared the two shows during Monday night’s opening segment and we posted a couple of clips in yesterday‘s post.

For his part, Arthur denies he has stolen anything, saying “Today, the format of an TV program is not related to an accessory or a puppet, but based on the writing and humor of its host.”  Thanks to the RSA’s @Colleen_Byrne who enlisted French RSA member @MaggieBirks to translate an online article where Arthur responds to Craig’s comments.  Here is her translation of his reaction and some of the comments posted by French viewers under the article.  You can read the original article from and a Google-translated version, along with an article from and its translated version, and a third article from and its translation.  Google’s automated translations are not precise but should give you the gist of the story.

Discussion about the copycat show is spreading around the English-speaking web as well, including, LiveJournal’s OhNoTheyDidnt page and

Craig chatted with guest Ben Stein, a lawyer himself, about whether he had a case for theft of intellectual property.  As Stein acknowledged, it could be an open-and-shut case in the United States but overseas laws may be more difficult to navigate.  From what we’ve been reading on the interwebs, trying to define the “format” of a television show has proved problematic in situations where unlicensed versions of shows pop up in different countries.  In some cases, like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the producers make agreements to get a cut of versions that run in foreign markets.  But when someone copies elements of a show without permission, it’s a bit murky.  Producers in other countries can clearly have their own late night shows and they can be “inspired” by other shows… but it would take lawyers to sort out the difference between “inspired” and “plagiarized”.  If there are any intellectual property lawyers in the RSA, we look forward to your letters (or just your comments below).

In other news, CNN’s entertainment blog calls Vernon Kay, host of ABC”s Skating With The Stars, a “very poor man’s Craig Ferguson”.  What’s next?  Croquet With The Stars?  Or how about Hanging Out At The House, Playing Video Games And Drinking YooHoo With The Stars?  We can’t wait.

Craig tweeted another Ford commercial shoot photo, with a slightly different look than yesterday’s costumes: Day 2 of Ford Explorer ad shoot. Opie & Andy gettin gangsta.

The AP’s David Bauder reports on the late-night landscape from an advertising buyer’s perspective on ABC’s entertainment page.

The BBC Scotland is planning a tribute program for the late actor Gerard Kelly.  According to the Evening Times, Craig will be among the contributors to the show.  Perhaps one of our Scottish roboskellies can send us a link to an online version when the show airs in December?  The RSA would enjoy hearing what Craig has to say about his friend, with whom he shared the stage in a UK touring version of The Odd Couple in the 1990’s.

On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, Craig chats with actor Mark Ruffalo, actress Kathryn Hahn and brings us a performance by comedienne Wendy Liebman.  Then on Wednesday, watch for actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and chef Paula Deen.  On some schedules, actor Jeffrey Tambor had been scheduled to appear Tuesday night but is no longer listed.  We’ll let you know when he is rescheduled.

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