You have to hand it to our fearless leader.  In one of the great “zig when you zag” maneuvers of all time, Craig showed us that a spirit of cooperation can do wonders, even with the French.  Rather that sending a team of CBS lawyers to challenge comedian Arthur‘s clear re-creation of his late night show (at which point Arthur would have probably surrendered… he is French, after all), Craig, LLS Producer Michael Naidus and Executive Producer Peter Lassally adopted a live-and-let-live attitude and invited Craig’s rival to be a guest on his show.  Arthur described his show as an homage to the Late Late Show and evidence of his respect and admiration for what Craig and Company have built.  With an opening segment, tweets and emails and an Emmy-worthy closing homage to Casablanca, Craig and Arthur were able to bury the hatchet in a classy way.  As many robot skeletons have commented here and elsewhere, the hollowed out volcano got pretty worked up about the whole thing, including your editors here who covered the story as it developed.  But should we have expected anything less from Craig, who is a master of the comedic art of feigning outrage over nothing in particular?  In the end, his mock outrage was the most funny way to handle it, and last night’s invitation was the most creative way to resolve it.

Among the media covering Craig’s surprise show were ABC News (with a great explanation of what happened), the New York Times,,, and

What will happen next?  Will Arthur continue to pay homage to Craig?  Could the rivalry be stretched out into a longer-running gag?  Craig seemed to leave the door open by running the words, “The End… or the beginning?” on the screen to end Monday’s show.  The result?  A show that was brilliant all around and as we said last night… epic.  Kudos to Craig and the Late Late Show team for finding a great way to deal with a crazy situation!

Craig’s opening act, Randy Kagan is gearing up for the final performance of this year’s stand up comedy tour on Friday:  Indio Friday night. That’s where the Indio Girls are from. I love those dudes. Tickets still appear to be available for the show at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino.

Josh Robert Thompson, the voice of Geoff Petersen, sent a fun tweet:  I play 5 characters in this cool short film. See if you can spot which ones:

A number of celebrities will be temporarily removing themselves from Twitter and Facebook on December 1st as part of a fundraising campaign for World Aids Day. has details.

The lovely Stephen Fry will be a guest on the Graham Norton Show on BBC America Saturday:  This Saturday: @BetteMidler, @StephenFry & @MrDavidHaye guest on The Graham Norton Show 10pm on BBC America

On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, Craig chats with author Salman Rushdie and actor Dj Qualls.   Will we get to see Secretariat’s race at Hollywood Park?  We’ll have to wait and see.  On Wednesday, the website in Los Angeles says it’s talk show host Regis Philbin and comedienne Wendy Liebman.  Comedian Greg Proops and actress/singer Nellie McKay will be rescheduled.  At least we think so.

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  • Charlieocean

    But if I really see the mini-rattlesnake mug on Arthurs desk (and I WILL check), it’s gonna kinda eat on me. Maybe there’s a world-wide franchise opporunity here…who knows…New Zealand Craig, South African Craig, Ukaranian Craig. Hey, I’m all for turning a buck! BTW, as a Craigy fan I have a mug, but I can hardly drink outta the damn thing ’cause the snake hits me in the cheek when I hold it right-handed and if I turn it around the tail hits me. It will hold near a pint and it’s heavy as hell, but I thank my girlfriend for getting for me and it’s FUN to just enjoy a show and something familiar (and something I haven’t done since Carson).

    It’s the simple comfortable things that make the show what it is…like Johnny. When the monologue was going bad the band would start up and John would do a little dance. AND RARELY (Carson fans note) he would do the sticky-tie and the very rare “King” bit with Ed.

    But these are things that are only appreciated by the regular viewer that get into the routine of the show and the topical delivery of the day-to-day. Newcomers are sometimes bewildered and don’t understand “in your pants,” or Secretariet or the whole concept of a robot skeleton sidekick. That’s half the damn fun!! Seems to be a great guy and I’m wearing World Wide Pants to work today.

    They are very durable!

  • Charlieocean

    I think this was the best LLS EVER. Always a lesson to be learned, classy, cool and a really great moment for television.