Some alert roboskellies have noticed that the opening segment of the November 22nd Late Late Show has disappeared from YouTube.  It appears that Jaques “Arthur” Essbag has filed a copyright claim with YouTube over the use of the opening title sequence from his show Ce soir avec Arthur.  Although ironic, he would be within his rights as the copyright holder of that particular portion of the show to ask YouTube to remove the postings, which they have done… at least for RSA General @Malinky2Stoatir‘s channel and CBS‘s official YT channel.  There are a handful of other postings from other users still visible on YouTube, including a few from France.

Just so everyone is clear, no one is suing Mal or CBS, so rallying the RSArmy is probably not needed.  In our opinion, while Arthur technically can file the claim, it’s not very nice considering the attention it brought him.

USA Today’s Pop Candy entertainment blog has named its “100 People of 2010”, including assistant Rebecca Tucker‘s boss, as she tweeted: Check out #30!

LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland enjoyed a taste of the Midwest today:  Gino’s pizza for lunch and Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert….oh happy day! // For all those asking, it’s Gino’s East – straight from Chicago.

As the RSA’s @SexyCraigFerg spotted, Craig is mentioned favorably in‘s “Nice” list for 2010.

Wednesday on the Late Late Show, Craig meets Nick Lachey and welcomes back magician Jamy Ian Swiss, whom CF promoted in a tweet:  The astounding @jamyianswiss is on the show tonight. His tricks boggle my mind. #thingsyoucouldalsosayaboutmaleprostitutes #LeTitsNow On Thursday, Craig’s guests are actor/producer Seth Green, actress Lena Dunham and musician Ruth Gerson.

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  • Charlieocean

    What else would you expect from a frog. Hey, Craig gets the same thing America got after bailing them out of WW2. I know it’s all a lark to CF, but dammit come on!

    Merry Hannuhkwanzaamas from Mobile Alabama…home of “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

  • MonkeyLion

    On a second note; could this be another attempt to generate publicity, since Craig hasn’t accepted the invitation to come to France…

  • MonkeyLion

    Nobody is suing anyone, but when there are enough copyright claims against a YT channel YT is terminating it! I don’t want that to happen. Treacherous Frenchman; Homage you say; untalented copycat I say.

  • ArthurLeaks

    Follow Arthur’s Facebook page for all of “his” videos:

  • Guest
  • That Frenchman must clang when he walks. It takes a cast iron set to do what he did. Incroyable!