There was so much failing and squeeing in New York City on Saturday, the cops must have thought the place was being invaded by a Robot Skeleton ArmyCraig Ferguson delivered two sold-out shows to Carnegie Hall and performed his own special brand of comedy on one of the nation’s most important stages.  In attendance were thousands of roboskellies, cheering for our fearless leader.  Take that, other late night douchebags!  This is what a genuine group of fans looks like!

Randy Kagan, opening act and official tour photographer sent us a nice backstage picture before the show:  CF backstage at Carnegie. And after his last set on Saturday night, he expressed his appreciation:  Wow. Thanks Carnegie Hall. I’m still on cloud nine.

The RSA’s General @Malinky2Stoatir got a great picture of the stage before the show: Some celebrities were in attendance at Carnegie Hall today.  Mal spotted the Late Late Show’s producer in the audience: Michael Naidus in the house…still in the dark. *giggling* I spoke to him because he doesn’t know me… Several roboskellies also noticed Inside The Actors Studio host and LLS guest James Lipton.

The RSA’s @Colleen_Byrne, who helped organize the #CraigyAtCarnegie tweetup send this fun detail just before the 7pm show started:  Peeps in the front row have sid, wavey, nadine puppets. Oy vey. And the RSA’s @kittenmeister got a wonderful shot of the poster out in front of the the theater:

UPDATED:  The RSA’s own @SariesWick was at Saturday’s 7pm performance and got some great photos she wanted to share:  Craig 1 Craig 2 Craig 3 Craig 4 Craig  5 Craig 6 Craig 7 Craig 8 Craig 9 Craig 10 Craig 11 Craig 12 Craig 13 Craig 14 Craig 15 Craig 16 Craig 17 Craig 18 Craig 19 Craig 20 Craig 21 Craig 22 Craig 23 Craig 24 Craig 25 Craig 26 Craig 27 Craig 28 Craig 29 Craig 30 Craig 31 Craig 32 Craig 33 Craig 34 Craig 35 Craig 36 Craig 37 Craig 38 Craig 39 Craig 40 Craig 41 Craig 42 Craig 43 Craig 44 Craig 45 Craig 46 Craig 47 Craig  48 Craig 49 Craig 50 Craig 51 Craig 52 Craig 53 Craig 54 Craig 55 Craig 56 Craig 57 Craig 58 Craig 59 Craig 60 Craig 61 Craig 62 Craig 63 Craig 64 Craig 65 Craig 66 Craig 67 Craig 68 Craig 69 Craig 70

Like you, we’re hoping for more pictures and details of Saturday’s shows.  If you have photos or stories from Saturday in New York, please let us know.  We’d be happy to include them here in the next edition.  Just tweet us @RSA_News.  In the meantime, Craig, Chris, Jeff, Rebecca and Michael are all flying back to Los Angeles because there’s a television show to produce for Monday night.

Craig still has more live appearances on the calendar this year:

  • Nov 5 Balboa Theater, San Diego, CA
  • Nov 6 Fox Performing Arts Center, Riverside, CA
  • Nov 20 Polk Theater, Nashville TN
  • Dec 3 Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio CA

We’ll keep you up to date if any more show are added and give you a head start to seeing Craig live, “in your region”.

Also on Craig’s calendar is an appearance on stage for a Conversation with Lewis Black at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles at 7pm on Tuesday, November 2nd.  That is also Election Day, so they’ll have plenty to talk about.  And Lewis will be appearing on the Late Late Show that same night… so they’ll tape the LLS in the afternoon, do the live event in the evening and then the show will air late that night.  Expect many jokes about the time warp.

Saturday, October 23rd is Canned Food Day, Soccer Player Day and Stay Up Late Day (in honor of Johnny Carson‘s birthday).  Sunday, October 24th is United Nations Day, National Crazy Day and National Mother-In-Law’s Day.  Could those last two be connected?  The 24th is also Bologna Day and Nachos Day.  Nom nom!

A special thank you to all of our contributors for their stories, tweets, pictures and behind-the-scenes information that we get to pass along to the RSA.  And thank you to everyone who takes the time to stop by the website each day.  We’re proud to serve you!

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    Hey, I can’t view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

    • Anonymous

      We’ve run some tests viewing the site with Opera and it appears everything is running normally. Let us know if you encounter a specific issue and we’ll do our best to resolve it as soon as possible.

  • audreyu2

    Still grinning from Saturday’s show. the local papers have no idea what they missed!! fortunately, i didn’t miss it…GREAT SHOW!

  • tweetybur

    There was one bad thing about the show. IT WAS MUCH TOO SHORT:(

  • Fanny57

    I just love the RSA News! Whoever is behind this work of art and fun is pretty darned awesome in my book.

    Everyone in the HOV is buzzing in pride for our Late Night “Crush Puppy”. We all could not be more thrilled for our friends in the ‘Cano that were apart of Craig’s history for life tonight… were the audience on the day he first played Carnegie Hall! That is SO special and BEYOND words! Well, ::squee:: is one word that does come to mind, now that I think about it.

    For Randy & Craig and Team Ferguson, all I have to say is that is that your whole team is just f’ing coolness in a bottle. Yeah, I know Craig was told “he” was lightning in a bottle…but the entire ensemble are wickedly talented, and best of all, real. Your extraordinary coolness factor has been hereby elevated to, from 1-10, a 12.

    Congrats to all! Je Vous adore.


  • beanonacracker

    I cant wait to see them on Nov. 5th. I’ll definitely take photos and write about and share it with you guys!! RSA rocks!

  • GoatHerderBoy

    Mother-in-law day, Crazy Day, UN day, Bologna Day, AND Nachos Day?

    All in one 48 hour period?

    LOL. I am so looking forward to Monday night’s monologue.


  • tweetybur

    Just got back to LI from Carnegie Hall. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. Randy, Craig and the boys were “effin” hilarious.

  • MolotovKirktail

    Awesome. Just… awesome.