Oh, Baby
Craig Ferguson is back home in the U.S. after his two-week stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, featuring plenty of U.K. actors, comedians and raconteurs on the show. He sent this tweet on the flight home:

The airline was quick to reply, with a plug about their services. Perhaps an actual plug would have been better. Welcome back, Craig!

Comedy Chaos
When Craig appears on stage in Boston November 18th, it’ll be part of Denis Leary’s “Comics Come Home” fundraising event. Leary spoke with the Boston Herald about the show, saying it’s like a therapy session for him, and that he looks forward to what he calls, “comedy chaos.”

New Guests Coming Soon
Craig’s SiriusXM radio show will wrap up the week with few shows from the vault, featuring guests Kristin Chenoweth, George Hamilton and Kunal Nayyar. Listen for new shows coming in September.

Relationship Slang
On his Monday appearance on The Today Show, Kathie Lee Gifford quizzed Craig about current slang words used in relationships.

Video courtesy: The Today Show

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