Give the man some credit, Craig knows how to have fun: Big night out @ Medieval Times for the world’s coolest man. Geoff Peterson added:  I see @CraigyFerg had a night out Medieval Times. I guess Monday night he’ll be munching a turkey leg. As long as he doesn’t want to joust! Craig can enjoy a weekend at home in Los Angles before a busy time that will including tape five new episodes of the Late Late Show, a corporate gig up the west coast and a week of stand up comedy performances on the east coast, culminating with two shows at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

RSA weekend project:  Geoff Petersen will be making another red carpet appearance on Monday at the premiere of the film Red. He’s asking RSA members to submit questions to ask the film’s stars: Oo! Monday nite I’ll be at red carpet premiere of RED. Would my RSA help me with questions to ask stars? Morgan F, Bruce W, J Malko, etc?? Send your questions directly to him: @GeoffTheRobot

The ever resourceful @bgrhubarb retweeted a great tweet from someone named @Cool_Jesse and we agree with her choice:   I really, really, REALLY hate talkshows – HOWEVER – Craig Ferguson is fucking hillarious. I wish there was an entire Craig Ferguson network. An entire Craig Ferguson network?  Somebody get on that!

The stand up comedian who appears on stage before Craig at each of his shows on the road is Randy Kagan, whom we believe is already tuning up for next week’s east coast tour.  Witness his tweet:  Oprah should be a unit of measurement. I drove 35 Oprahs, the Earth is 12 million Oprahs from the sun and I weigh 1/4 of an Oprah. To which, he added:  I write all my own jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s fine, Randy but remember… Oprah is the most powerful woman in show business.  You could wake up with the head of a dingo in your bed. #justsaying

Chris Hardwick (@Nerdist) tweeted some words of wisdom:  Hit 7 years of sobriety yesterday. I don’t bring it up for ‘congrats’ but to say that if you’re struggling w/ addiction you can overcome it!

Saturday, October 9th it is Leif Erickson Day in honor of the Scandinavian explorer but also the anniversary of the first two-way telephone call in 1876.  As we read blogs, post on our Facebook walls and tweet away on our wireless laptop computers and mobile telephones, consider how far we’ve come since the day when conversing over a wire was practically a miracle.  On Sunday, October 10th we can celebrate the birthday of the tuxedo jacket in 1886 and enjoy National Angel Food Cake Day.  We’ll take a few slices with ice cream, please.

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    Happy Binary Day, as well! 101010.

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    Arrgh. That was me, not Shmuel Mikel. (Why is there no confirmation stage on this form?)

    • RSANews

      You are quite right… our calendar was flipped to the wrong year when we looked that up. Holiday or not, we can atone for that error here and now and have substituted another holiday. Our apologies also for lack of confirmation step; it was a very simple form we borrowed for the purpose.

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    “Saturday, October 9th it is not only Yom Kippur”

    …umm, not this year, it isn’t. (It was in 2008 [on a Thursday], and will be in 2019 [on a Wednesday], but this year it was Sept. 18th.)