Lynn’s New Play
Craig’s talented sister Lynn Ferguson, a gifted storyteller and playwright has a new play making its debut in the west end of Glasgow at the Òran Mór auditorium (housed in the former Kelvinside Parish Church) on Monday, November 20th. Titled The Weir Sisters, here is the play’s description:

Margaret and Grace are preparing a little party for their long lost sister, Dorothy. They’ve dressed up, they have food she likes, and they’re even prepared to suffer the music of Dorothy’s favourite songstress, Vera Lynn. But there are a couple of flies in the ointment:

1. The sole person Dorothy needs to see, can’t come to the party,

And 2. Margaret and Grace are dead.

If that doesn’t get you interested, what will? The show runs for a week with showings at 1pm each day.

Craig Cancels Boston Appearance
Craig Ferguson had been scheduled to be one of the featured acts at Denis Leary‘s annual fundraising show Comics Come Home in Boston on Saturday night, but had to cancel. Tickets are still available and headliners include Jimmy Fallon, Jeffrey Ross and Boston’s own Lenny Clarke. Proceeds benefit the Cam Neely Foundation, which supports cancer patients and their families.

There’s An App For That
In this monologue from The Late Late Show, Craig takes the Mickey out of the network, a blind date app and Leonardo da Vinci.

Video courtesy: YouTube

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