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Craig has been tweeting this week about his upcoming live stand up comedy performances, Friday night in Saratoga, California near San Jose and Saturday night in San Francisco:  Sat night stand up show in San Francisco @ Davies symphony hall. I’ve heard some @mythbusters are attending. I’m cock a hoop. Btw cock etc That’s right Craig, it was one of the many names you used to dance under (cock-a-hoop is actually a British expression meaning “excited”, so feel free to do your own joke).  And today, this:  Stand up show in San Francisco at the weekend. Want to wear white pants but it’s after labor day. Maybe wear assless chaps instead. Don’t worry Craig, no matter what you wear, you’ll fit in.  You’re European, after all!

One of the funniest moments in the Late Late Show studio was the night Craig broke the teleprompter when he hit the camera. Enjoy!

Video courtesy: irishvampyre

It’s another all-new episode of the Late Late Show, featuring Inside The Actor’s Studio host James Lipton and actress Monica Potter. On Thursday, stay up for actress Rashida Jones, daytime host Dr. Mehmet Oz and country singer Blake Shelton.

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  • NancyinTampa

    I love the way Craig reacted to this! And swept up! Didn’t miss a beat. 😀