The RSA’s @KarlynMyJournal found a great picture, which Craig retweeted:  CBS CARES /\ like Hugh Laurie’s harmonica skills and the UK-based talked about Hugh’s suggestion that his Scottish ancestry may have something to do with being miserable.

More media are using Craig’s decision to hold off mocking Charlie Sheen to underline their points, including Fox 34 in Lubbock, TX,, US Magazine, Perez Hilton and Entertainment Weekly.

Trace Adkins‘ upcoming visit to the Late Late Show may include some promotion of his new movie, The Lincoln Lawyer.

After being in pre-sale mode for a while, general ticket sales are now underway for Craig’s stand up comedy performances in Austin, Texas on April 30th.  There are two shows to choose from and you can see details on our Live Comedy Tour page.

Thursday on the Late Late Show, Craig chats with actor Neil Patrick Harris, and we’ll hear a musical performance by Tomorrows Bad Seeds.  Then on Friday, comedienne Kathy Griffin steps in for Tim Meadows and Craig interviews explorer/author Wendy Booker.

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  • Charlieocean

    Nice to see our alligatory friend Thursday night. A true southern gentleman. Also, good with garlic and butter…take that PETA!

    Mardi Gras is in full swing here in Mobile, Alabama (home of Mardi Gras), I’ve taken the kids to see the graves of Michael Krafft and Joe Cain (a tradition here, look it up) and several parades…you get a lotta “trinkets” thrown from the floats like beads, moonpies or as the hobo’s call it “DINNER.”

    Also, during Mardi Gars, you get a kind of tunnel vision, you get used to the streets being blocked off by giant barriers,and weirdos running around, kinda like LA, LOTSA folks just openly and stupidely drunk.

    And by Mardi Gras day (Tuesday) all of the streets in Mobile and New Orleans will have the wonderful smell of stale beer, and vomit. This is the time of year I wish I was a bail-bondsman.

    Throw me something, Mister.