Craig’s New Stage
When Craig Ferguson and the Late Late Show move to a new studio space soon, they won’t have to go far.  As an excited Craig himself explained on Tuesday’s show, they’ll be moving from tiny Studio 58 to the stage “next door” at CBS Television City, which is Studio 56.

Here is a look at the space, which is nearly three times larger than the show’s current home:

Overview of Stages

It seats 260 people, compared to the 110 who squash into Studio 58, so when warm-up comedian Chunky B tells the audience, “Give me thunder!” he’ll be able to get a little more thunder out of them.  For comparison, there are about 275 seats in NBC’s Studio 6B at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York, where Jimmy Fallon hosts Late Night, 340 seats at the NBC Studios in Burbank for Jay Leno‘s Tonight Show and 461 seats at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, home of David Letterman‘s Late Show.

Current Stage - Studio 58

With the much larger floor space, the Late Late Show team will have greater flexibility for staging, perhaps giving Craig a place for his monologue that won’t require moving the desk against the wall, or space for musical guests to perform without having to clear nearly everything out of the way every time.  Along with more dressing rooms, there will be more room for Geoff Peterson, more space for producer Michael Naidus, and with the longer distances… dare we dream it… better lighting!

Studio 56 and Studio 58 History
Studio 56 and 58 were added during a renovation of CBS Television City in the early 1990s, using what had been rehearsal halls in the original building design.  The first use we can find for a television show being recorded in Studio 56 was in December of 1993, where part of a special program on World War II was taped although there may be earlier uses.  Its first assignments as a regular home base were in 1994 when two new shows began taping there:  The Dennis Miller Show and Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect.  When Tom Synder became the first host of the Late Late Show in 1995, they used the smaller Studio 58, because Tom did one-on-one interviews with no audience.  The audience was added in 1998 when Craig Kilborn took over as host and changed the show’s format to more closely mirror other late night talk shows.  More recently, Studio 56 has been used for The Tyra Banks Show, The Wanda Sykes Show and Australian talk show Rove L.A. with host Rove McManus.

We have not been given a clear indication of when the move will take place but because of all of the electronic equipment involved, our guess is that it will take a few weeks.  They may schedule the move for when Craig and Company take their usual late-summer break and debut the new look in the fall as the new television season gets under way.  We’ll keep you posted.

Studio 56 Moment
To get an idea of the stage in Studio 56, here is a clip of the Dennis Miller Show where Dennis interviews comic book writer/illustrator Rob Liefeld in 1994. You can get a sense of the larger space and how the audience sounds. Also at the end of the clip, you can see a couple of shots of the audience:

Video courtesy: CrashLanden

Paley Center Update
As we reported last time, Craig will be appearing in person at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles on May 10th to talk about his work and show clips from the upcoming shows in Scotland, which are due to air May 14-18. Paley Center members got first crack at tickets but now they are officially on sale to the general public. Some skellies who have bought tickets say that if you plan to attend, be sure to get the $10-15 seats which are in the room where Craig will speak. The $7 seats are in another room with a closed-circuit feed.

Scottish Insults
The Huffington Post was amused by Craig calling Ted Danson a “giant girl’s blouse” on Tuesday’s show.

Tonight’s Guests

Wednesday on the Late Late Show, Craig’s guest is actor Jeffrey Tambor along with a last-minute addition, Denver=-base band The Lumineers.  Thursday, watch for actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and actress Jennifer Coolidge.

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  • RS

    I’m happy for Craig. He deserves a decent studio for his show, and I’m glad he’s finally getting it. He might even be able to do some things he can’t do now with the additional space. I don’t think the new studio is so huge that they have to lose the intimate feel of the show now. I’m looking forward to seeing him in the new digs.

  • sinnerG7

    I too am hoping that a bigger studio and cbs micromanaging doesn’t ruin the dynamic of the show.part of its charm and what makes it funny is the fact that Craig makes it entertaining without having alot to work with.It’s been the little show that could.I don’t want to see become the big show that can’t. that being said Hooray for the LLS!!! Craig deserves the acknowledgement for being IMHO the best late night guy out there.ASS-MODE!!

  • riddispesso

    I have been to the LLS and the studio really is kind of a dump.  I always thought Craig was just kidding about how bad it is.  But, magic still happens there every night. I expect that will continue no matter where the show takes place.

  • Hot Sauce Kim

    I’m just concerned that now CBS will share production company rights with Worldwide Pants.  Will they be sticking their noses further in, micromanaging Craig’s show?  What a tragedy that would be.  At least the new studio probably won’t be as big a death trap as the old one appears to be – every time Craig goes behind his desk it looks like he’s walking on cables or whatever.  I for one will welcome better lighting – on my tiny TV screen, some nights all I see are face and hands!

  • Artemus Rex

    sorry for being so long winded, this is why I don’t play nice with Twitter.

  • Artemus Rex

    I remember that show that Dennis Miller did (in fact I still have a VCR tape of the last week it was on the air).  If I remember, his show had a band and the announcer was on-stage as well.  As much as I like Stage 58’s effect on the show, it’s time for the move.  Craig has mined the inadequacies of that stage’s lighting and size for all it was worth.  Craig has already been moving his show forward in the most subtle of ways.  Geoff was initially brought on as a prop gag with a sound board to make fun of the genre of sidekicks.  But when JoshRThompson was brought in to play the character live he actually became one of the better sidekicks in the game.  (I always fear that Josh gets paid less for not being on-air talent since his face is not shown).

    The move to Studio 56 is key and I’m sure it is what Craig has been hoping for.  Whether he gets a band or not should not worry anyone as if anyone has the creativity to make it work then Craig is the man to do so.  (side note:  Anyone remember when Craig was on George Lopez’s show on TBS and remarked about George’s studio.  Now, I like George and all but it really seemed lame to me that he had a better studio than Craig did.)

    My opinion is this move is twofold.  One it shows Craig that CBS is serious in wanting him to stay and for him to someday take over for Letterman.  The other is that it gives CBS a chance to see what Craig and gang do with the bigger studio and (hopefully) bigger budget and gives them a chance to evaluate how the show evolves and sees if it will be ready for the new slot.  

    Personally, if Craig makes the jump to 1135 someday, I hope he gets to move to New York and perform at the Ed Sullivan Theater.  Even though he has made it a part of his schtick, I still do not think Craig cares to much for LA.  It would be great to see him return to New York as his pre-Green Card days and it would see his wife move back to New York and be closer to her family in CT.

    • bd__sd

      @ArtemusRex:disqus appreciate that cogent rationale for @craigyferg:disqus going for the big 1135 slot makes sense. (although I still worry more room and more lighting might make TLLS less than what it is now…) How can @craigyferg continue to nip at the hand that feeds him if they give him more?

  • Sounds great Team Craig! Best of luck with the move and designing the space the way you want it. Remember, Geoff’s BEST side is his right – with one working arm – and it’s ALL about Geoff! (sarcasm) cuz he can’t do make up and lighting won’t help him – it’s all about his glowy eyes and one lame wave. LOL  Luvu guys. Happy Thursday.

  • monroemk

    I am NOT crazy about moving to a bigger studio…the present one is so cozy & more intimate….but what the heck do I know  Ha Ha…Yep they can get more people in there; although from the looks of the seating I wonder.  Well I will go no matter where the studio is.

    I got my ticket for the Paley Center…$15 txs are for Members & $10 are for non-members.  I  am glad this is open because some events like this are only for media members.  I am excited to be going.

  • I love that Craig is getting better treatment from CBS with this new move, but I don’t know if I can handle the show not being in the basement…I’ll probably cry the first few nights of the new studio episodes…

  • Andiewv

    No!! to better lighting!! Craig is too creepy as it is!!

  • This all sounds great, except for the Rob Liefeld part.

    • The syndicated Dennis Miller show (shown above) ran in 1992 from a different Hollywood studio, not at CBS.  Dennis Miller Live (1994-2002) was usually in the Bob Barker Studio, not studio 56.

      • RSA_News

        The information we have from CBS is that the 1994-2002 show spent time in both Studio 33 and 56, with the majority of the later shows in Studio 56 due to scheduling conflicts in the larger Studio 33.  We were told the above clip was from 1995 and assumed it to be correct because the set backdrop which was typical for those being built at CBS at the time, but we may be mistaken.  Do you have access to a clip that would better show the location?  We would welcome your assistance.