Craig Stands Up for Charity
Craig Ferguson appeared in Carmel, CA Saturday night as the featured performer at a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club.  In addition to his live stand up shows around the country, Craig performs at an occasional corporate or charity event.   These are usually not publicized much but if you hear about one happening, please let us know!

Josh Has Fun Live
Josh Robert Thompson enjoyed having the chance to interact with Craig live on Thursday and Friday’s shows as the voice of Geoff Petersen. [quotetweet 59119721567625216] [quotetweet 59303447819853824]

Josh tweeted a video clip that includes a behind-the-scenes introduction, followed by his live interaction with Craig during the show and the Las Vegas segment.  We’ve posted the 40-second intro here… watch open the doorway!

Video courtesy: joshrobertthompson

The Power of Craig
The RSA’s @LunaTechChick has a wonderful blog, filled with amazing and interesting stories.  We wanted to be sure you had a chance to read today’s entry because she talks about how Craig Ferguson has helped immeasurably in her life.  It speaks to the idea that so many robot skeletons share:  That Craig is more than a late night host… he has the power to inspire and help in many different ways.  Please check it out!


Every Day is a Holiday
Saturday, April 16th is Charlie Chaplain’s birthday, Record Store Day (remember those?) and National Auctioneer Day, which we can celebrate with Leroy Van Dyke.

Sunday, April 17 is Palm Sunday, Bat Appreciation Day, Blah Blah Blah Day and Nothing Like a Dame Day. For that, we have to turn to the 1958 film South Pacific. We hope you enjoy this clip… you too, ladies.

Video courtesy: cendrillon325

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  • Charlie Ocean

    LunaTechChick…you’re the best. It’s the magic healing power of robots and leprechauns AND….love and mercy.

  • Cozyhobo loves LunaTechChick. A beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

  • Didn’t expect a visit to RSANews was gonna make me have to grab a tissue, but that’s what I just did after reading LunaTech Chick’s blog. What an inspiration! The Hollowed-Out Volcano is chock-a-block full of the greatest people on this planet: The Robot Skeleton Army! Love you all!