Craig performed in Charlottesville, Virginia on Sunday night before heading on to Wilmington, Delaware for a Monday night appearance.  He performed at the Warner Theatre in Washington, DC on Saturday night but before leaving for Charlottesville, he made a stop to visit with wounded members of military:  Just left Walter Reed Hosp in DC after a quick USO visit. Honored to have spent some time with genuine heroes. Thanks to all who serve. We agree and offer our thanks as well.  Just before Sunday night’s show, Craig tweeted this:  Backstage in Charlottesville listening to @randykagan on the theater PA. Jeez. He’s killing. #toogoodtobeanopeniningactforlong We think you’re right about that, too.

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker enjoyed Washington as well:  What doesn’t happen in LA? Getting frisked by secret service while entering a restaurant because FirstLady is eating there too. I love D.C. And Craig’s opening act, Randy Kagan sent a couple of photos from DC and Charlottesville:   DC is lovely. Great crowd in C Town! I’m going to 5 guys. Then i’ll have a burger. And Randy added this tweet during the Sunday show:  I’m backstage listening to CF crush. Jeez Louise!

Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania’s Times Leader newspaper posted this interview with Craig, who will be appearing in nearby Scranton on Wednesday.

Craig will wrap up this week’s tour at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Saturday, October 23rd.  We’re told that some members of the RSA will be doing a tweet-up between shows.  The event is planned for 4:30pm at the Carnegie Deli, which is on 7th Avenue at 55th Street.  The RSA’s @LipSyncingScot is urging tweeps to use the hashtag #CraigyAtCarnegie to talk about the show.  She also reminds us that the Lollipop Theater Network’s online charity auction ends Tuesday, so you’re running out of time to bid to meet Craig backstage in New York.

Geoff Petersen has the week off but is tweeting:  Just watching 60Minutes. That Andy Rooney! Mm-mm-mm. What I’d give to have a brow hedge like that youngster…

Sarah McLachlan

With Craig on the road this week, the re-run fairy makes a visit to CBS.  On Monday, you’ll see a rebroadcast of the September 14th show with actress Kristen Ball and singer Sarah McLachlan.  On Tuesday, it’s the August 31st episode when Don Johnson relived his West Hollywood days with Craig… and his chattiness interviews author Laura Lippman.  On Wednesday, watch for the September 13th show with actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Comedian Don Rickles and actress Ellie Kemper will be on your screens again Thursday in a reprise of the September 15th episode.  And on Friday, CBS will repeat the September 22nd show featuring the cast of The Big Bang Theory, minus actress Kaley Cuoco who at the time was recovering from a broken leg.  New episodes resume on Monday, October 25th.  We’ll post the complete list next week but it expected to include football legend Joe Theisman, actor Danny Devito, actress Marg Helgenberger and more.

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  • ArtemusRex

    I haven’t heard anything defineate but that’s what I’ve been assuming for at least 6 months. It would seem to make sense that the tour wraps up (or close to it) at the legendary Carnegie Hall that you would do at least a DVD show or HBO special or something. But your guess is as good as mind but also would like to know if someone has heard anything more than speculation.

  • leennorth

    Is Carnegie show being taped for future sale?