Cheeky Stand Up MonkeyCraig in SF
Craig Ferguson has been known to show up unannounced at a comedy club from time to time. We’re told that during the past week while the Late Late Show was on a break, Craig popped up at Punchlines in San Francisco and the Icehouse in Pasadena. Craig tweeted from San Francisco:

I’ve been high. I’ve been low. I’ve been yes & I’ve been oh hell no. I’ve been rock&roll & disco

Arthur Kicks Off New Season
Arthur dance numberFrench comedian/TV host Jacques “Arthur” Essebag launched his new talk show on Friday, with a remake of Dirty Dancing. Check out the story, complete with video in the original French from or in the Google translate version.

Bald Spot
Craig explains how he got his bald spot.

Video courtesy: Fergufool

New Website Design
As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve launched a new website layout. It’s set up to be a responsive design, which should look good on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We’re also adjusting the format of our daily posts, focusing on just one or two important stories each day. We’ll still have archive video some days, including past guest interviews along with the monologues and other funny moments from the show. We’ve also moved the daily guest listings to the sidebar on the right. As always, we appreciate your stories, photos and anything Craig-related that you’d like to contribute and share with the rest of the robot skeleton army. Please let us know what you think of the new layout and thank you as always for being here!

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  • CrogerTill

    I love the new site design. Very spiffy indeed!

  • pete_b

    New layout is great!

  • New layout looks good to me. Well done; I know how much work it takes; and all the frustrations you can encounter as you push along. And wasn’t Friday the 24th our General’s Birthday?

  • Vivian Yang

    i love the layout, nice and clear 🙂

  • Eduardo

    Great new layout! I visit the site everyday. Do you guys know why the last LLS episode (with Stephen Fry) repeated one of the segments? I still can’t understand the reason behind this decision.

    • bgrhu

      If you got a repeated segment, it was a mixup by your local affiliate. It aired as normal for most people.

  • Joe Aiello

    I want to say thanks for the no holds barred interview Craig did with his friend, British actor and author Stephen Fry. This was their second outing and what I consider must see TV. It shows the type of interview that Craig is capable of. With all the “Amazing Race” and “Big Brother” nonsense on CBS, it’s nice that Craig and his producer friend Michael Naidus have the guts to put this type of thought provoking programming on TV.

  • joannapowers

    Are those peeks at CF’s new tattoos in the San Francisco picture?

  • pinkbirdie48840

    Bright and cheery! Love the new layout!

  • Love the new layout. Nice and spiffy.