Many thanks to everyone for their kind words in the comment section and in many tweets over the past 24 hours.  There are plenty of critics out there, saying good, bad or indifferent things about Craig, most of which don’t really matter a whole lot.  But in the context in which yesterday’s post was presented, we felt strongly that it deserved a response.  We’ve had no reaction from Gary Susman.  There will be more positive and negative reviews in the future but in the end, Craig’s performance will speak for itself.  Keep in mind that TVSquad posts a few Craig-related stories a week, almost all positive.  Back in 2008, TVSquad’s Allison Waldman called Craig one of the five TV stars who have exceeded expectations.

Britain’s Sun newspaper is still laughing at Billy Connolly‘s inventive approach to the buffet.

Geoff Petersen is already enjoying his time off:  What I do in my downtime. Today it’s watching @FoodNetwork. Theme day is Pork! See, I’m not all about balls. His creator, Mythbusters Grant Imahara jumped in:  Seriously, man. I don know why you bother. The food just goes right through you… And Geoff repsonded:  @grantimahara is right, as usual. The food goes thru me and people say, “hey, is that pork in your…” // “…Or are you happy to see me?”

Dick Cavett

Leading into the holiday, there are four all-new episodes of the Late Late Show this week.  On Monday, Craig welcomes actress Kristin Davis and talk show host Dick Cavett.  Tuesday, it’s actress Jane Fonda. Then on Wednesday, Craig chats with actor Michael Clarke Duncan and the Mythbusters Grant Imahara, who shows off his harmonica skills.  Thursday’s show will feature comedienne Kathy Griffin and musician Ruth Gerson, rescheduled from last week.  Friday’s show will be pre-empted for holiday-related program on your CBS television station.

The re-run fairy will visit on the week of December 27-31.  On Monday the 27th, it’s the October 8th episode featuring actress Mary Lynn Raiskub and NASCAR driver Carl Edwards.  On Tuesday the 28th, it’ll be the show from November 8th with actor Tom Selleck and comedian Myq Kaplan.  The on Wednesday the 29th, watch for a rebroadcast of the October 26th LLS with actor Danny DeVito, actress Brie Larson and comedian Henry Cho. On Thursday the 30th, we’ll get another chance to see the November 4th show with actor Dick Van Dyke and actress Kerry Washington.  And on Friday the 31st, it’s the October 28th show featuring actor Michael Caine.  New episodes resume on January 3rd.

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  • CourtJester

    You gotta love The Sun for articles like that one. The American tabloids so rarely feature useful tips on dining out…:-)