Cumbernauld Memories
When Craig Ferguson was scrolling through his Twitter feed last month, he spotted a photo posted by Glasgow singer-songwriter Jerry Burns. It was a picture of her, being pushed along some boys, including a young, smiling Craig. She tweeted:

Craig replied:

Carey, You’re Fired
Speaking of old photos, who can forget this one? It’s a cast photo from Craig’s first year on the Drew Carey Show, playing Drew’s English boss, Mr. Wick. Vintage Craig from 1996.

Josh’s New Film
Josh Robert Thompson‘s latest film, an independent horror movie called Revelator, was officially released this week. Josh plays a priest. Check out the trailer, and see it on Amazon.

Comedians Tell Jokes
On a recent appearance on The Today Show, Craig played a game with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, listening to jokes and trying to guess which comedian said them.

Video courtesy: The Today Show

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