Craig Ferguson is in Denver for a ten-show run at the Comedy Works, March 16th through the 20th.  He is experimenting with new material, deciding what works and what doesn’t in front of a smaller audience before taking it on the road to larger venues in April and May.  Craig’s opening act, comedian Randy Kagan is back as well, tweeting on Wednesday morning:  On way to Denver with CF. Last time we were there I was a mile high. Now i’m a mile sober. There are a few tickets remaining for the 8:30pm performance on Sunday.  Craig’s next run of shows on the road will begin April 23rd in Windsor, Ontario.  Details are on our Live Comedy Tour page.

If you get a chance to see Craig on stage in Denver this week, we’d like to hear about it and share your experience with the rest of the RSA.  Check out our submission guidelines in The HOV.  Please note:  Craig does not allow video to be taken at his live appearances and we will not post or link to any.  We have been hearing that the club might not be allowing still photography because of the close quarters.  Craig otherwise allows still pictures, so if you happen to get any, we’ll post them.

Tuesday’s LLS wrapup: enjoyed the saucy banter between Craig and Martha Stewart on Tuesday’s show.  New York Magazine‘s Vulture page caught Craig’s question about whether Martha puts out on a second date. noticed that Martha ate a Pop Tart on the show. blogged about Stewart’s Scottish last name.  And focused on her comment that she could not land a helicopter at her estate.

In case you missed Geoff Petersen‘s appearance on E!’s The Soup with Joel McHale, here are the clips in which he appeared:

Video courtesy: rhyno5987

Geoff’s voice, Josh Robert Thompson answered a bunch of fan questions on his Twitter account today.  Follow him and keep an eye on his tweets… he offers to answer questions from time to time.

Wednesday on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes actor Seth Rogen and actress Brie Larson.  On Thursday, the re-run fairy returns with the January 7th episode, featuring actress Mila Kunis and comedian Geechy Guy.

March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day, celebrating Saint Patrick, who is said to have driven the snakes from Ireland.  Some scholars dispute this account but it makes for a good excuse to wear green.  In that same spirit, March 16th is celebrated in some areas as Saint Urho’s Day… a holiday to celebrate the man who drove the grasshoppers from the lettuce fields of Finland.  Yes, it’s a completely made-up holiday, concocted in 1950’s as a way to good-heartedly compete with Irish celebrations.  But it makes for a good excuse Finns to wear purple.  Take that, fans of interesting holidays.

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  • C_maldoff

    Saw it last night it was a great show

  • Can’t wait!!!! Catching the 8:00pm show tomorrow night (Thursday) here in Denver. This has been a long time coming…