Craig Ferguson and Randy Kagan wrapped up their sold out ten-show run at the Comedy Works in Denver Sunday night.  After working out new material, they have some polished sets ready for bigger venues in the coming months.  As of now, there are 13 shows scheduled at 11 locations around North America in 2011, including three shows in the Vancouver area.  One will be at the Red Robinson Show Theatre and the other two will be at the River Rock Casino… a second show was added there due to high demand.  If you haven’t decided where to see Craig performing live this year, check out the ticket information on our Live Comedy Tour page.  Tickets are selling quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment!

We have some RSA pictures to share, thanks to @GenieFirestone.  Here are some of the RSA ladies and gents having fun in and around Denver including a trip to the mountains, before a show at the Comedy Works, between shows, having dinner and mouth organs!

The RSA’s @Diane4Mail was among the many roboskellies in Denver this past week, getting a chance to see Craig up close and in person.  She wrote an account of her experience and sent it to us to share with you.

I had a great time in Denver seeing Craig, Randy and meeting up with other skeletons.  Was thrilled to meet @GenieFirestone, @mimetska @SecretNakedHobo @rayscomadtod1 @jessnormal and @Geri_Montoya for the first time.  Loved meeting up with @LolLioness, @colleen_Byrne @HMSFox and @LissaLouCragy2.  I was sorry to miss the other three since I had to leave on Friday.  It was so great to put faces to all of these people who have been in my life for over a year now.  Every one of them are funny, adorable, good people who all share a love for Craig. Over the course of the week we shared food, drink, laughter, frustration, tweets, hugs, understanding and even a few tears.  It is so wonderful to be among friends who really understand the slight obsession we all share.  Few of us can get this in our own homes.

As far as Craig goes, well, as you can imagine, he was fantastic.  I think all of us, at one point or another got the opportunity to sit front row and get a full body view of Craig at work.  A place we all would like to stay just a little bit longer.  We won’t tell what the new material is but suffice it to say it was hysterical and enlightening.  I always walk out of his shows with my face aching from smiling and laughing and my brain full of new things to Google and learn more about when I get home.  Since no cameras were allowed there are no Craig or Randy pictures to share and for that I am very sorry.   On Wednesday, Craig wore a gray suit jacket and pants with a dark blue button down with black boots and belt.  Same outfit for both shows.  On Thursday, he wore the same jacket with a greenish button down untucked and jeans with the boots.  Those of us in the front row were treated to several belly peeks due to an unbuttoned lower button. (Thank you Craig)

As always, the things that demanded my attention most were his dazzling blue eyes and sparkling big smile.  Hard to remember everything he said because those items are so very distracting! It was great to get several moments of direct eye contact with Craig.  I returned the favor by looking straight back with a big smile.  When Craig took the stage for the first time on Wednesday night he was greeted with a loud, long standing ovation!  He looked kind of taken aback and said something about feeling like a Jonas brother. He then said, “I was hoping for an impartial audience.”  It was said with a smile and then he got on with the show.  The show was full of energy top to bottom and he rarely looked at his notes.  It is amazing that he already has all of this material memorized when this is touted to be his “workshoping” time.

I loved seeing the very first show and seeing how it improved in the second show that night. He had also added new material.  The next day the transitions were fully in place and so polished!  I thought the first two were great but I was blown away by the improvements. It is obvious Craig takes his craft very seriously and does not settle for well enough.  My final show was his fourth, the late show on Wed. Front row center with Colleen and Susan.  I was in heaven.  Randy had a fantastic set and was rocking a black shirt, black tie and black pants.  No jacket this time and he looked great!  He leaned down off the stage to shake Colleen’s hand and he also shook my and Susan’s hands.  He was yelling, “RSA in the Hizzy!  We love you guys!  These guys pay our checks” (or something to that effect). Craig came out and put on an incredible show!  We each got a bit of eye contact and that is always a delight.  The audience loved him.

Once again, Thanks Craig for four incredible shows. I do realize how fortunate I was to get to see him in the intimate venue and I will always remember this incredible week. New friends, new material, old friends and great times.  Life is good. Too bad we have to return to real life, but Craig makes it a little easier to take.

Do you have a Craig story to tell from Denver?  Please let us know.  You can submit your story using our contact form.  If it’s a bit too long to fit in the box, don’t worry… just send it to us in smaller chunks and we’ll reassemble it.  Your fellow skellies will appreciate hearing your story!

Thanks to the RSA’s @beccarebec, who attended the @nerdist Chris Hardwick‘s sold out stand up comedy show in Chicago on Friday night and snapped a picture.

Catherine Deneuve

The re-run fairy is in town this week, as CBS treats us to some encore episodes of the Late Late Show.  On Monday, it’s the January 13th episode, featuring actor Denis Leary and comedienne Kathleen Madigan.  On Tuesday, Craig chats with actress Helena Bonham Carter and enjoys a performance by Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers from January 28th.  Wednesday, watch for Craig’s February 2nd conversation with The Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons.  Actor Jason Biggs and science writer Jennifer Ouellette will be seen on Thursday’s encore from February 11th.  And on Friday, we’ll see the March 8th episode with actor Topher Grace and actress Catherine Deneuve.

In case you had cloudy skies on Saturday night, the folks at compiled a nice collection of pictures of the “super moon” rising at locations around the world.  Thanks to the RSA’s @SariesWick for spotting these.

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  • Elaine

    Thank you RSA for keeping us all in the loop! And thanks Diane for sharing – Oh those eyes and that smile! So very distracting LOL!

  • cool. i got to meet Jennifer Ouellette @jeanlucpicard this weekend.

  • A big thank you to @Diane4Mail for sharing your story! Makes me even more eager for my chance to see Craigy in Windsor. Too bad I have to settle for 10th row seats. Very envious of those of you who got those front row seats and some “belly peeks”! 😉

  • belly peeks hehe :3

  • Thanks Diane4mail for sharing your experiences at Craig’s standup shows! Your story put me in the front row! I imagined his eyes would electrify!

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