Craig Ferguson and Randy Kagan are on stage now through Sunday at the Comedy Works in Denver.   We’re told that some roboskellies have tickets to several shows and we hope to hear from them, so we can pass along their experiences.  All tickets for Denver are sold out.  The RSA’s @SecretNakedHobo got some pictures from inside the club, including the stage, a poster and the crowd waiting for the show to begin.

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker is having a good time in the mile-high city:  running in high altitude: check. delicious bison burger: check. seeing boss kick ass with his new act: check. i love denver The RSA’s @jessnormal noticed on her way to the show that robot skeletons from the Hollowed Out Volcano apparently have our own lane on the highway.

Two new tour venues added: West coast Canadians will get two chances to see Craig May 27th and 28th in the Vancouver area.  BUY NOW because tickets are going fast!  Plus, tickets are now on sale for Craig’s appearance at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Boys and Girls Club fundraiser in Carmel, California.  Our Live Comedy Tour page has details and links.  Book early to avoid disappointment!

The RSA’s @SariesWick has compiled a video collection of The Drew Carey Show.

Several CBS celebrities have made their NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament picks, including Geoff reports Geoff thinks Ohio State will win it all. reports on Seth Rogen‘s admission that he is rather hirsute.

Jim Spellman/ WireImage

Thursday on the Late Late Show, it’s a rebroadcast of the January 7th show with actress Mila Kunis and Las Vegas comedian Geechy Guy.  On Friday, watch for the January 12th episode featuring actor David Duchovny and TV nanny Jo Frost.

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  • Oh man what a great show! 😀 I was at the 10:30 pm slot and it was worth it. I was sitting in the front row by the stage and our row was picked on some by Randy, he noticed my Hello Kitty socks D:

    Craig was hilarious of course. I about passed out at seeing him right there in front of me! And I will fangirl at this point because omg his eyes were so blue and sparkly and he looked great in jeans. woot!

    Are we allowed to give away spoilers? I’ll try not to. There was a lot of bits devoted to historical stuff which was awesome, my sis and I are history geeks so that was all gold. I love that he can incorporate his love of history into his act, it’s like a high powered weapon of class that balances out the potty humor. Awesome potty humor by the way, it was great to see him unfettered from the tootsie-frootsie flags and just all out there with his wracking fracking self. 🙂

    He had a hilarious bit on the whole Brangelina/Anisten story that slayed me. 😀 I also agreed with every word of it.

    His energy and enthusiasm was super high, he was interactive and made lotsa eye contact and there was no lag times.

    I did ask if there was a chance we could snag an autograph or picture after the show but I was informed that some experiences with “crazy fans” has put a stop to that. Awww 🙁 Why do crazies have to ruin the fun for everyone else? Ah well. 🙂

  • I’d been waiting so long to see Craig in person, and I gotta tell you…………..the show was AWESOME. No offense to Randy, but the “workshop” wasn’t really all that good. Craig more than made up for it, and then some. Just awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. And I’m not saying that as a Craig fanboy. I haven’t laughed that hard (and that consistently) at a comedy show in at least 7 years. Seriously. If this was “workshop” (lol), I think I’d have a heart attack watching the finished product. Heck…I almost did tonight.

    Would have been nice to take pictures, though. I knew video was a no-no, and I wouldn’t do that anyway. Not to Craig…not to any performer. I know that people making recordings ruin it for all of us, but to not even allow even a picture? Especially when you pay that amount of money and you’re seeing someone you seldom get to ever see except on TV. Some pictures wouldn’t have been much to ask for, really. If I’d have known ahead of time, I’d have gladly paid twice the cost of the ticket for a meet and greet. Just a “hello”, handshake, and get outta here. =)

    But the great show more than made up for it. Fantastic!

    In your pants, RSA…. =)

    • I agree! If this was Craig just practicing, I don’t know what would have happened with the finished product. I’d have passed out or something. Oh man his jokes on Nazis never get old for me, and the Canada stuff *snickers* 🙂