Promoting the Show
Craig Ferguson‘s new Sirius XM show starts on February 27th, so this month, he’s promoting the show as much as he can. Craig spent a couple of days in Houston last week, visiting several current Sirius XM radio shows so he could talk about his new show. He visited the Howard Stern Show, the Covino and Rich Show and even Jenny McCarthy‘s show to help spread the word.

Scottish Band Finally Coming to US
The Scottish band Dead Man Fall, from Craig’s hometown of Cumbernauld, was scheduled to perform on The Late Late Show back in 2014. But due to some red tape, they were unable to get their paperwork approved in time before Craig wrapped up his time as host of the show. He did, of course, perform their song, Bang Your Drum in his series finale. But now, it appears the band will finally be able to visit the United States, reports the Cumbernauld News. They’ll be appearing at the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware in June. The band also plans to release a couple of new singles this spring.

Who Appeal
The RSA’s @Ezzie_m, who is both a Craig and Doctor Who fan, found an interesting post on It’s an open letter to Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat, urging him to bring Craig in as a guest star before his friend Peter Capaldi ends his run as the time lord at the end of the year. Time may be running out to make it happen, but we couldn’t agree more.

Video of the Day
As he prepares for The Craig Ferguson Show, our fearless leader is doing some reading.

Video courtesy: The Craig Ferguson Show

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