Special Coming Together
Craig Ferguson‘s new stand up comedy special is in post-production, coming to Netflix this fall. Craig tweeted a photo from the edit bay where they’re putting the show together:

The show was recorded in June at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. As with his other comedy specials, they recorded two shows that night. The better of the two will be used for most of the finished product, but if there are any spots in the other performance that turned out better… a funnier moment or a bigger laugh… they can edit them in. And since Craig wore the same clothes for both shows, it’ll look seamless. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone! It’s the magic of television!

Craig Will NOT Guest on TV Show
CORRECTION: When we first put up this week’s post, we quoted an article in the usually reliable Chicago Tribune, which said that Craig would appear appear on the FXX show You’re the Worst this fall, as a date for one of the lead characters. However, the Tribune report was incorrect. In fact, the actor Colin Ferguson will be taking on that role, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter and other publications. As of this writing, the Tribune has still not corrected their article. Our thanks to a sharp-eyed robot skeleton for bringing it to our attention. We regret the error.

A Fine Fringe
Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival had a record year for ticket sales, reports The Scotsman. The fringe is a huge event, with 3398 productions across 300 venues, including the new location where Craig did his show.

Happy Hour
On a recent appearance on The Today Show, Craig had a chance to hear some up-and-coming comedians and rate their performances.

Video courtesy: The Today Show

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