Teeth, Tans and Raj
The list of upcoming guests on Craig Ferguson‘s SiriusXM radio show keeps growing, with some familiar names who were favorite guests from The Late Late Show, and some surprises. Craig will chat with his dentist Dr. Laurence Rifkin on Wednesday. The “surprise” guest on Thursday will be George Hamilton, followed by Kunal Nayyar on Friday. Next week, listen for comedians Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme of the Broken Lizard comedy group, Sharon Osbourne, Ariel Tweto, John Henson and Dulé Hill.

Hardwick To Host Red Nose Day
Comedian and podcaster Chris Hardwick will host this year’s Red Nose Day on NBC. The fundraiser is the American version of the highly successful British effort to raise money for children in poverty across the country and around the world. People Magazine has more on the star-studded lineup for this year’s event on May 25th. Craig hosted the show last year.

Bringing Back Talk
Speaking of Chris Hardwick, he was recently interviewed by Uproxx about his new television show for AMC called Talking with Chris Hardwick, where he’ll take the concept of talking about AMC’s shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead to talk about all things pop culture. In the interview, he says he wants to bring the art of conversation back to the TV talk show. He’ll also be providing a longer version of those conversations in podcast form, with additional content edited from the TV version. Thanks to the RSA’s @bgrhubarb for the heads up!

Clued In
Going ten for ten is almost impossible on a round of Celebrity Name Game, but sometimes contestants can get pretty close.

Video courtesy: Celebrity Name Game

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