Is your holiday shopping done yet?  Nope, ours isn’t either.  But there are still quite a few shopping days left before Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day or any other holiday you’re celebrating in the next several weeks.  Craig is enjoying some post-holiday relaxation and took a photo from a unique vantage point: Hollywood from behind the facade. #walkingofffthegravy The sign was originally built in 1923 to advertise the housing development that formed the core of the new community, and was completely rebuilt thanks to some generous donors.  The fascinating story behind it is explained in its Wikipedia entry.

The folks at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, CA are wondering if any roboskellies are planning to attend Craig’s show: @FantasySprings Any #RSA members planning on attending @CraigyFerg on 12/3? We’re wondering that ourselves.  Let us know… we enjoy seeing your photos and hearing your stories.

As for pictures, there were plenty taken at Craig’s recent shows in Nashville, as well as video outside the theater.  The RSA’s @Colleen_Byrne took a bunch of pictures of Craig on stage and had her video camera running to capture the arrival of @Fergybot4000 and his creator, @tzankoff. If you haven’t seen the Fergybot in action, here’s a small taste.

Video courtesy: ceebeedubya

Lewis Black’s History Channel special from 2009 featuring several comedians including Craig, is now available on DVD.  The reviewer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer didn’t like the format of the show but included it on a list of holiday offerings.

The Wisconsin State Journal in Madison talks about Conan O’Brien’s new show and describes Craig’s role among late night hosts in a few words.

On Friday’s Late Late Show, enjoy an encore presentation of the November 5th show, featuring actress/singer Juliette Lewis and a great conversation with philosopher Cornel West.  New episodes return Monday.

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