Go with the FlowCraig Flow Chart
A Craig Ferguson fan with the Twitter name @tbskyen designed a flow chart, based on Craig’s three questions from his stand up comedy special Does This Need To Be Said?

Does This Need To Be Said? – A handy flowchart, adapted from

Disney Backpedals
Merida Makeover

Bowing to pressure from fans, Disney appears to have given up on its controversial makeover of Princess Merida from Brave. As reported by Jezebel.com, Disney has taken down the makeover drawings from its website after an online petition drew thousands of signatures and the change was blasted by the film’s director.

Reiser ReturnsPaul Reiser  arrives at "The Infidel" Los Angeles Premiere at the Los Angeles Film School on June 23, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.
After a long break from the live stage, upcoming LLS guest Paul Reiser restarted his stand up comedy career last month, reports the Atlantic City Weekly.

Kim No Longer Lost
04 Yunjin Kim

Upcoming LLS guest and former member of the cast of Lost Yunjin Kim will probably be talking with Craig about her new series Mistresses, which premieres this summer, as The Hollywood Reporter announced last spring.

Craig Gets Inventive
Craig talks about new inventions including things from the “sexy business.”

Video courtesy: ParanoidFellow

Tonight’s Guests05 Ice T
Wednesday on the Late Late Show, Craig chats with actor/rapper Ice T and comedienne Paula Poundstone. On Thursday, watch for actor Paul Reiser and actress Yunjin Kim.

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