Game Show Giggles
As we’ve seen through three seasons of Celebrity Name Game, there has been no shortage of funny moments that make it on television (not to mention funny moments that get edited out). The folks over at Entertainment Weekly put together their favorite bloopers from game shows in 2016, and Celebrity Name Game made the list more than once, thanks to Craig Ferguson‘s uninhibited style as host. Thanks to the ever-vigilant @bgrhubarb for spotting the article.

Carrie Carries On
TV personality Carrie Keagan has joined this season’s Celebrity Apprentice. The Hollywood Reporter talks about her background, including a few moments behind the desk at The Late Late Show, the night Craig announced his departure from the show.

Forward’s Favorables
Canadian comedian Mark Forward, who has opened frequently for Craig in the past few years, recently recorded his first comedy special and is appearing in a new sitcom. The Toronto Star newspaper dug into the details and had nice things to say about Mark.

Short Shorts
On Celebrity Name Game, a contestant found a creative way to explain the short pants worn by Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard. Being European, Craig appreciated the effort.

Video courtesy: YouTube

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