When Russel Brand appears on the show, no one knows what might happen… including Geoff Petersen.  The liquid assault and half-decapitation appears to have done Geoff no long-lasting harm but it sure got the volcano talking.  When Craig tweeted that Russel went after his robot skeleton sidekick, Geoff said:  True. @rustyrockets gave me a bath and wallop. Lost my head but kept it, too. @craigyferg made sure I was put back together. Watch + see He assured his creator, Mythbusters Grant Imahara@grantimahara just so you know, @craigyferg had my back. And, as it turned out, my skull. To which Grant responded:  @CraigyFerg Don’t worry about @GeoffTheRobot. I’ve built robots for movies, TV, and @BattleBots. He’s tough… And Geoff added:   @grantimahara is right. I’m fine. @rustyrockets did not give me rusty sockets. I have one thing to say today to Mr. Brand. Peacey weace.

For his part, Russel has apologized in his own way:  @GeoffTheRobot I acted out of anger and cyber-sexual frustration. I apologise and hope we can become friends. Or more. And Geoff accepted:  @rustyrockets I felt before & feel now you R one of our gifted wonders on earth. This missive only shows that you are that and more. Friend?

Vanity Fair commented on Wednesday’s show, as did TVSquad.com.  LLS producer Michael Naidus tweeted:  Remind me to stay on Russell Brand’s good side. #geoffisfine

Two websites, Newsbusters.org and MediaIte.com, took note of Craig’s joke Wednesday night with guest Richard Wolffe.

The RSA’s @heldenb noticed the online newspaper HuffingtonPost.com likes Katie Couric‘s harmonica playing skills, including an encore performance in the car ride after the show.

Craig is among the Twitter users who occasionally re-tweet messages about missing people.  The Atlantic talks about the growing use of social media to spread the word quickly.

As the RSA’s @HMSFox reminded us, Craig is emceeing a dinner at the Kodak Theater Ballroom Thursday night for the University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation benefit dinner, honoring Dreamworks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg.

On Thursday’s Late Late Show, Craig talks with actress Lucy Liu and 1997 Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams.  Craig’s guests on Friday will be actor Neil Patrick Harris and musician Nellie McKay.

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  • Lavenderblue53

    Having had a missing teenager in 1987 (who was found safe, and is fine now,) I know what it feels like to have people helping look in any way possible. If Craig & other celebs choose to RT a missing-person mssg, so much the better. I encourage all to follow @CodeAmber, and to put the free Code Amber alert ticker on their websites. Thanks for the mention.