The Late Late Show will run a half-hour later than usual again this evening, as CBS Sports airs another 30 minute special program recapping today’s action in the PGA Championship following Late Night with David Letterman.  Please check your local listings for the time in your region.  The LLS returns to its usual time on Monday, with two weeks of programs from the rerun fairy.

Emma Thompson‘s joke on the LLS about the Isle of Wight has garnered some criticism, as reported in today’s Telegraph, as well as the Daily Mail, and the Evening Standard. focused on Thompson’s story about her father and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In tonight’s final fresh, new episode of the Late Late Show until August 30th, Craig performs a comedy sketch with Alfred Molina, reads tweets and emails with the @Nerdist Chris Hardwick and interviews actress Anna Kendrick.

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  • Beth Ann Anderson

    I definitely have a comment, thought I’d save it for here. There is more than one “Isle of Wight”, this one is a place in Virginia, and here is the website:::: So she offended 2 countries, not just one! One involves a county in Virginia, one is across the pond from me. The motto “Virginia Is For Lovers” was begun as our state motto in 1969, & remains that today. I’m not gay, but I respect those that are, & apparently a bit more open-minded than some people.