Grumpy Craig Is Grumpy
Craig Ferguson has been a bit grumpy on his SiriusXM radio show of late. Last week, he suggested he may no longer in be interested in Twitter or even in television. He also said he might not record another standup special. Talking about the specials in particular, he said Jay Leno is among the comedians who have never done one, and said the former Tonight Show host once told him that a big reason was so he didn’t use up any material. It is true that once a special is recorded, a comedian usually needs to come up with a whole new set with fresh material, but the specials do help reach new audiences and fans who aren’t able to attend live events.

Since then, Craig hasn’t tweeted but has at least retweeted the radio show’s Twitter account. And of course when it comes to television and specials, he knows that Hollywood has a way of enticing people back with cash and prizes. So who knows for sure what the future will hold? In the meantime, he has plenty of irons in the fire, with a new memoir in the works, as well as the long-awaited follow-up to his first novel. He has the radio show five days a week for at least another year, and he says he plans to get out on the road again to do some standup. We’ll keep watching for dates and let you know when tickets become available.

RIP, Tony
Some sad news for the RSA: Longtime Craig fan, robot skeleton army member and creative tech whiz Tony Tzankoff has died. From Huntington, West Virginia, Tony was inspired by Craig’s robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Peterson and created his own robot skeleton, Fergybot4000. The robot could be remotely controlled online, and Tony even brought him to Craig’s standup show in Nashville, as well as local Halloween events. He put together a Twitter account and a Facebook page for the robot, and encouraged fans to check him out. Tony suffered from health issues which forced doctors to amputate first a foot and later his legs, but worked hard to maintain a positive outlook, and was encouraged about scientific advancements in prosthetics. He was a sweet, caring man, gone too soon. You can read his full obituary here, and leave a message in the guest book.

Take A Chance
In this monologue from The Late Late Show, Craig talks about how much he likes the 70s Swedish pop band ABBA and the Broadway show and movie Mamma Mia.

Video courtesy: YouTube

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