Craig is in New Hampshire tonight at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom for the first of three stand up comedy appearances this weekend.  Saturday he’ll appear at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston and on Sunday, he’ll be in Kansas City at the Midland Theatre.  The rest of his October tour schedule resumes on October 16th, for a week of shows on the east coast.  A Kansas City website called is mentioning his Sunday night show.

It’s official, Geoff Petersen the robot skeleton sidekick has a twitter account.  Although several tweeters have posed as Geoff since he began appearing on the program, Craig himself confirmed on the air last night that @GeoffTheRobot is the real thing.  When we first got wind of the new account, Geoff had about a dozen followers.  After Craig’s on-air mention last night, Geoff is already over 500 followers.  There have been just a couple of tweets so far but we expect more in the coming days.  Oh my!

The animated film How to Train Your Dragon, in which Craig provided the voice of  Gobber the Belch comes out on DVD in two weeks, October 15th.

Although Craig is in New Hampshire tonight, through the magic of television (shh!) The Late Late Show goes merrily on, where actress Carey Mulligan returns to the show and we’ll enjoy the comedy of Marc Maron who tweeted:  Okay, I’ll do this again. I will be on The Late Late Show with @CraigyFerg tnite. I think it went well. You decide.

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