For those fans who watch Craig “live” on the Googly-web, Friday night was disappointing.  The station used on the east coast feed was running CBS soap operas which had been pre-empted earlier in the day by news coverage of Egypt… and then went straight to paid commercial programs, skipping the Late Late Show altogether.  They were for some sort of hair product, not Shamwows.  Fortunately, the RSA’s General @Malinky2Stoatir comes to the rescue, making the episode available on the FaceTube.  Thanks, Mal!

Back in 2009 when Craig was promoting his autobiography, he did many newspaper interviews including one for the Scottish newspaper The Herald, where he recalled the time his life turned around.

In 2005, Craig celebrated his 100th show by talking about earthquakes.

Video courtesy: HeidiDeidiDei

Feeling revolutionary?  Saturday, January 29th is Thomas Paine Day.  Not feeling revolutionary?  It’s also Curmudgeons Day.  Sunday, January 30th is the birthday of the 32nd US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Inane Answering Machine Day.  When you call ours it says, “Hi. This is a machine. You know what to do.” BEEEEEEEEP.

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  • Sure, NOW I find out today was National Curmudgeon’s Day! Had I known, I would have bought a gift for my favorite old crank.

  • Cozy hobo….yummmm that photo of Craigy from that interview. Love the earring.