It’s vacation time for Craig and he sent a tweet late yesterday from what sounded like a very nice place:  On a 50ft sailboat in Santa Monica bay At 7kts. Listening to the Killers. This is very very nice. We hope every roboskelly has a chance to relax a bit as summer begins to wind down.

Back in his days as “Mr. Wick” on The Drew Carey Show, Craig was asked to do a commercial for an iced tea company. Thanks to the RSA’s @AnnaCarline for finding this gem!

Video courtesy: MissMonk928

Author @JackieJCollins had a nice tweet about Craig:  @CraigyFerg is one of the few talk show hosts who has authors on his show. Sometimes more interesting than actors. Agreed.

Today is National Financial Awareness Day although given the economy, we suspect everyone is rather aware of their finances.  It’s also Senior Citizens Day and the birthday of Felix the Cat.  Did anyone have the clock that looked like him?

We have been testing a live chat room here on the site… if you see the menu button on the upper left part of the page marked “Live Chat”, stop in and say hello.

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  • AnnaCarline

    I can honestly say I’ve never been this … obsessed (in a good way, not stalker-y LOL) about any celebrity ever – but Craig is so diverse, genuine, brilliant, edgy and funny (and easy to look at) … I am always intrigued by the way his mind and heart work.

    (Glad I found the clip for y’all)

  • LOVE that commercial!! 🙂

  • Bhostilo

    I completely forgot that was Craig! I LOVED THAT COMMERCIAL! 🙂

  • Kirk

    The chat ROCKS! Everyone, go check it out! Great to meet some fellow Skellies!

  • donna matthews

    HELLO FELLOW, peeps or robo skellies which is it now?. GLAD CRAIGY HAVING RELAXING time at home away from hussle and bussle of work, and some priv time with wife megan looking forward to see what gender child has i hope its girl cause he already has a son!!!!.
    thanks for all new friends here also and espec helpful info fergu fool gave me, thx again!!!

    donna matthews

    yeah i loved this commercial 2,

    u should see him in dirt detective its great, and all his other movies 2, i like what he likes saving grace, i’ll be there, the big tease, born romantic, but i ticked that said Craig was star in Niagara Motel he only in the scenes 1/3 of the time, unless the movie i saw had been edited to much. ( i borrowed from friend)