The Storm Passes but Cleanup Remains
Now that Irene has left the building, plenty of cleanup remains.  From what we’ve been seeing on the tweety box, there are still a number of roboskellies still without power from the Carolinas to Maine.  Others have seen damage to their homes and workplaces, and flooding could continue to be problem in several states as swollen rivers carry rain waters away.  Patience and perseverance will be important as roads and bridges are repaired, trees and debris are cleaned up and thousands of workers from power companies work around the clock to restore service.  Authorities say it could be several days before power will reach all of the affected areas and repairs to homes and businesses will take longer.  Most are thankful they got through the storm.  On Monday, the RSA’s @NCcoastgirl asked Josh Robert Thompson about ideas for getting through the power outage:

@joshrthompson We lost electricity for 16 hrs. We played all sorts of games, but still got bored. Any suggestions to help past time?

Josh replied:

Naked twister. Depending on who you’re playing with, it could last for hours.

Enjoying Craig and Geoff
The RSA’s @SonjasInk blogs about her appreciation for Craig Ferguson and Geoff Peterson.

Origins of the Fergasm
The RSA’s @Fergufool has found some earlier references to the “Fergasm” and attached them in the comments section of our most recent post.

Are You Represented?
The website profiles comedian turned talent manager Rick Siegal, who helped bring Craig from the UK to the US.

Tonight’s Guests
Monday on the Late Late Show, Craig listens to stuff that William Shatner says, chats with actress Eliza Coupe and we see a stand up comedy spot recorded a few months ago by Ted Alexandro.  Craig tweeted:

Bloody hell! William Shatner is 80 years old and he actually rode me like a naughty donkey on the show. Really. #Kirkporn. #Hopehe’llphone

CBS added:

2nite @WilliamShatner horses around w/ @CraigyFerg, literally! Plus Bianca Kajlich from #ROE stops by! #LateLateShow!

Tuesday, Craig welcomes actor Chi McBride and reality TV personality Ariel Tweto.

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  • maybe we can get @craigyferg:twitter  to do a tribute. “Blowhard for the Hard Blown” or something…. 🙂
    is there room in the hollowed out volcano for the #RSArmy ?

  • Have been very lucky here in Maine, the storm was not as hard hitting as our friends in Vermont and New Hampshire. I was very lucky in that no trees hit my home or my car, and my lights only flickered. Still good vibes and prayers go out to those that have been hit hardest by Irene.