More from JapanCraig in Kyoto
Craig Ferguson spent a week in Japan and tweeted his way across the country, sending great photos along the way:

Good Morning Kyoto!

Flight PathCraig is back in Los Angeles this week to tape fresh episodes of The Late Late Show. Before landing, he tweeted a photo showing his flight path:

Konichiwa Kalifornia

Learning from CraigCraig Ferguson
Last week, we asked what you have learned from watching Craig. The RSA’s Kay Serasera answered with this list:

10+1 things I’ve learned from watching Craig Ferguson

1. Success isn’t measured by other people’s opinions. Be true to your own lights.

2. The good things in life start with openness and honesty.

3. Don’t hide who and what you are. Be yourself, and look other people in the eye.

4. Creativity is the air of human existence, and human connection is the water. We need both in order to be able to live as human beings.

5. Don’t be afraid of failure or of change; failing is just how we learn to succeed, and change is the nature of all things.

6. Do what you love, and work hard at it.

7. Seek out the unseen gifts in people. A little kindness often unlocks treasure.

8. Don’t bury your feelings: let them in and let them out, one way or another.

9. Love all the people. Look for the common ground, not the surface differences.

10. Surround yourself with people and settings that are nurturing, not toxic; real, not fake; open, not closed; and partaking of life, not turning away from it.

11. Don’t judge. We’re all doing the best we can.

Great list Kay!

Bird Flu
In this two-part monologue from 2006, Craig has a touch of the bird flu.

Video courtesy: FrankGerbertson

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